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Captain Killian

    Greetings, fellow New Babbagers. May I introduce myself (apparently I have been remiss in doing so earlier)… I am Captain Killian Jameson, captain of the dirigible The Buckled Squash;¬†formerly a courier and attache of the Diplomatic Corps of Chrononauts. Since the sudden (and prolonged) disappearance of the Ambassador to New Babbage, I have found other employment in town, all the while keeping the consulate open and in repair should Ambassador Xero return.

    I run the Tell-Tale Heart Pub as well, located in Babbage Palisade next to the Tram Terminal (Music and Role-play the second Tuesday of every month). I also have lately opened The Conservatory, a lovely ballroom situated on Speculation Lake in Quarry Hill (monthly formal dances on the fourth Saturday). The Conservatory may be rented by the day, and is suitable for tea parties, cotillions, debutante balls, society meetings, and other refined events.

    I have lately been (mostly) responsible for bringing Mr JiP’s Traveling Carnival back to town. Mr. JiP does not speak our languages very well, so I have become his de facto¬†liaison. You may contact me if there are any issues with the Carnival, which is located on the plaza in Quarry Hill, overlooking the lake.