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Wilson Mimulus

    Hello, everyone. I’m Wilson Mimulus and despite being around and having land in New Babbage for a while now I would still consider myself fairly new to the community since I never really interacted very much within the community as I wasn’t sure what kind of character I wanted to portray and I was nervous about interacting with others for a long time.


    I’m a fairly new face, metaphorically speaking, around the city; Dr. Wilson Mimulus. Spurred on at a young age to learn about medical science due to my own fight with a debilitating muscular wasting terminal illness I was able to ensure my survival at a rather drastic cost which was namely my entire body, a cost some would say may have been ethically dubious at best. Coming from other cities where the closed minded rabble resented the progress I’ve made through research and experimentation to medical science I’ve decided to move into a recently acquired old library, soon converting it into a free medical clinic.

    New Babbage, with both its dedication to human progress through science with understanding there can sometimes be certain costs for progress as well as the nature of the city giving rise to rare and new medical ailments, seems like the perfect place to begin anew.