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Mr Tenk

    [13:40] Cyan Rayna: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKHwx1VCdgnxwbjyb9Iu1g
    [13:40] Nathan Adored: mmmmmmm… donuts….
    [13:40] Cyan Rayna: link to the blender guru
    [13:40] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): I took me ten years to learn prims… can I learn Blendr in less?
    [13:40] Cyan Rayna: possibly
    [13:41] Tepic Harlequin: yes, Edda :-)
    [13:41] Edward Pearse: Probably
    [13:41] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): It’s not all that different, Edda. And manipulating your object is a lot easier
    [13:41] Cyan Rayna: honestly I am still stuck in prim building which is why I am struggling to switch but I need to
    [13:42] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): good to know :)
    [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: the trouble with blender was the interface. early developers were not exactly known for simplicity, like folks demand now.
    Mosseveno Tenk checks the time
    what else?
    [13:42] Edward Pearse: Yeah it was pretty intimidating
    [13:42] KillianBaileyJameson: Please com to the Tell-Tale Heart Pub next Tuesday for the last time
    [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: A shopping event would be nice, but I can’t organize it.
    [13:42] Tepic Harlequin: Fireworks and Barrel racing?
    [13:42] Cyan Rayna: the earlier developers wanted the complexity then but it just became a behemoth for normal users to grasp
    [13:42] Edward Pearse: Autumn colours?
    [13:43] Mosseveno Tenk: Autumn colors is go
    [13:43] Silas Merlin: did Vic say he has plans for one ?
    [13:43] Edward Pearse: Do we have a grass texture?
    [13:43] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): oh and you can left click now!
    [13:43] KillianBaileyJameson: Spooky party music n festive photo ops
    [13:43] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Does anyone have any roleplay ideas in mind?
    [13:43] Mosseveno Tenk: Loki will be having the burning barrel race, date isn’t firm yet.
    [13:43] Cyan Rayna: yes left click is a most important feature in 2.8 XD
    [13:43] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): a thanksgiving feast here in city hall?
    [13:44] Nathan Adored: with actual turkeys?
    [13:44] Jimmy Branagh: brb
    [13:44] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): yep! chase your dinner
    [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: use whatever grass texture you want for autumn, it doesn’t last long enough to standardize it
    [13:44] Cyan Rayna: You have to catch your own turkey
    [13:44] Junie Ginsburg: turkey launcher
    [13:44] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): yss!
    [13:44] Ceejay Writer: yes!
    [13:44] Nathan Adored: uhmm…. chase? ….not exactly what… I…..
    [13:44] Cyan Rayna: that’s much more in line with babbage XD
    [13:44] Nathan AdoredNathan Adored giggles and chortles
    [13:44] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) giggles and shuts her mouth
    [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: i will be out of reach of technology on thanksgiving weekend, as always.

    [13:45] Junie Ginsburg: we’ll try not to burn it down
    [13:45] Mosseveno TenkMosseveno Tenk stomps one foot
    [13:45] Cyan Rayna: We will not get flowery again >..>
    [13:45] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer dreams of pink flowers
    [13:45] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) types, “Is that a HINT?”
    [13:45] Edward Pearse: Yeah I put down one but by the looks of it you’ve started using that on the rest of Quarry Hill, so I stick with that
    [13:45] Mosseveno TenkMosseveno Tenk stomps one foot
    [13:45] Gabrielle RielGabrielle Riel grins, remembering one Spring
    [13:45] Cyan Rayna: XD
    Cyan Rayna remebers it might of been his suggestion >.>
    [13:46] Silas Merlin: which foot was it, that might be a hint
    [13:46] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Roaches?
    [13:46] Edward Pearse: New Babbage: Fallout edition
    [13:46] Ceejay Writer: I seem to have a full perm turkey launcher in inventory
    [13:46] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [13:46] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): hmmm :)
    [13:47] Tepic Harlequin: whose foot might be significant….
    [13:47] Junie Ginsburg: yay, Ceejay!
    [13:47] Mosseveno Tenk: and that is the last weekend before snowfall, so the evidence could get buried until spring
    [13:47] Ceejay Writer: I’ll test it and maybe set it out for grabbies at the CocoaJava
    [13:47] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): fill the Quarry with Turkeys and Donuts
    [13:47] Ceejay Writer: Pink Turkeys and Purple Donuts
    Oh shoot, he’s still listening.
    [13:48] Cyan Rayna: turkey donuts with gravy frosting
    [13:48] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Yeah but watch out for the iced donuts
    [13:48] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) snaps her fingers
    [13:48] Edward Pearse: Iced iced baby
    [13:48] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): iced donuts? Hockey on the Lake
    [13:48] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood)Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood) groans
    [13:48] KillianBaileyJameson: ice skating there was fun, is there skating anywhere else in the winter?
    [13:49] Jimmy Branagh: kback
    [13:49] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): in NB, on the canals
    [13:49] Junie Ginsburg: the canals
    [13:49] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer passes a note to Junie that we could set up an Iron Bay Chef channel in Discord CocoaJava for chatter
    [13:49] KillianBaileyJameson: cool
    [13:49] Cyan Rayna: usually it was in the new babbage sim before all the ice fishing shacks
    [13:49] Junie Ginsburg: also good for go-devil racing
    Junie Ginsburg grins
    [13:49] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): No Go-Devil last year
    [13:49] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee)Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee) misses go devil races
    [13:49] Cyan Rayna: :O
    [13:49] Mosseveno Tenk: was anyone at the aether salon planning session?
    who has the december salon?

    [13:50] Cyan Rayna: then someone set up a go go-devil race XD
    [13:50] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): i didnt even know there was one…
    [13:50] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): I didn’t either
    [13:50] Jimmy Branagh: I didn;t get an announcement
    [13:50] Ceejay Writer: I was also oblivious
    [13:50] Mosseveno Tenk: they ususally have one to start the season, back in august or sept? where they assign all the months
    [13:50] Jimmy Branagh: August usuall
    [13:50] Ceejay Writer: I’ve missed a lot of recent salons, they aren’t being announced well till like an hour beforehand
    [13:50] Cyan Rayna: I am thinking that maybe they need another salon planning session then
    [13:50] Jimmy Branagh: y
    [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: i have to let boiler elf know if he has december
    [13:51] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): give him my regards *grins*
    [13:51] Ceejay Writer: Yay Boiler Elf! He’s fab.
    [13:51] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: i’m sure you are always in his regard, mornington
    [13:51] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee)Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee) give him this soap I’m done with it
    [13:51] Cyan Rayna: I’ve always liked the boiler elf :3
    [13:51] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh chuckles
    [13:51] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg has always been suspicious of the boiler elf
    [13:52] Edward Pearse: I don’t think I’ve ever met him
    [13:52] Tepic Harlequin: fraid it’s time i was off….
    [13:52] Cyan Rayna: Bye Tepic
    [13:52] Mosseveno Tenk: me neither mr pearse
    [13:52] Jimmy Branagh: Noight Tepic
    [13:52] Ceejay Writer: Take care Tepic!
    [13:52] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): G’night Tepic
    [13:52] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg chuckles
    [13:52] Tepic Harlequin: night all!
    [13:52] Silas Merlin: good night Tepic
    [13:52] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): goodnight Tepic
    [13:52] Junie Ginsburg: bye Tepic!
    [13:52] Jimmy Branagh: The Boiler Elf is a fair man
    [13:52] Ceejay Writer: Setup that Iron Bay Chef Channel in Cocoajava, have at it anyone
    [13:52] Mosseveno Tenk: anyone else? i’ll stay to the top of the hour
    [13:52] Jimmy Branagh: A rad indelicate, but fair
    [13:52] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): I have a few things to announce…
    [13:53] Mosseveno Tenk: go!
    [13:53] Edward Pearse: Actually, something I’d like to try and incorporate maybe into the Oiling Festival schedule?
    [13:53] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Next Sat… Academy and Brunel Hall 10th anniversary, party at 3ish sort of pm…
    [13:53] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): yay!
    [13:53] Mosseveno Tenk: 10 years?
    [13:53] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg will be there
    [13:53] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Will there be swimming?
    [13:53] Mosseveno Tenk: what have we done with our lives?
    [13:53] Gabrielle Riel: Gotten older.
    [13:54] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Brunel Hall and New Babbage is co-sponsoring the Mr SL Contest with L’Homme Magazine and LL
    [13:54] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh nods at Mr. Tenk
    [13:54] Edward Pearse: I make 13 years in SL this month
    [13:54] Cyan Rayna: Spent them having fun with friends across the globe
    [13:54] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): :)
    [13:54] Jimmy Branagh: Me 13 in January
    [13:54] Junie Ginsburg: getting up there, Edward
    [13:54] Mosseveno Tenk: Mr SL?
    [13:54] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): 13 in November
    [13:54] Gabrielle Riel: Mr. SL….oh my
    [13:54] Mosseveno Tenk: Oh my
    [13:54] Gabrielle RielGabrielle Riel laughs
    [13:54] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): 12 on Thursday
    [13:54] Ceejay Writer: Ten years… I remember hauling the CocoaJava from Palisades to Academy. My back still hurts on rainy nights.
    [13:54] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Mr SL?
    [13:54] Nathan Adored: my SL age will by my RP age in March…..
    [13:54] Edward Pearse: Now that we have two vast wide open sims to the north, maybe we can set up some airship races?
    [13:54] Cyan Rayna: Mr SL…

    [13:55] Jimmy Branagh: Ten tears ago I was the same height
    [13:55] Junie Ginsburg: I think we’re all stuck on Mr. SL
    [13:55] Jimmy Branagh: years
    [13:55] Junie Ginsburg: do tell
    [13:55] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): So, for November it will mean large foot traffic in and out of Brunel Hall, magazine editors will be around taking shots of the city for press releases and New Babbage (and brunel hall) will be on the firestorm log in…
    [13:55] Cyan Rayna: lol
    [13:55] Mosseveno Tenk: airship races would be nice. certainly have the room for it
    [13:55] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Or Loki Battle Balloons?
    [13:55] Cyan Rayna: I got shorter Jimmy XD
    [13:55] Mosseveno Tenk: i’m down for battle balloons too. make it happen
    [13:55] Edward Pearse: Could do both Coleen
    [13:55] Jimmy Branagh: hehe
    [13:55] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Okay
    [13:55] Junie Ginsburg: So we shouldn’t do anything embarassing, Victor?
    Junie Ginsburg smirks
    [13:55] Edward Pearse: I’ll work some stuff out
    [13:55] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer cackles
    [13:56] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): just send out lots of notices please :)
    [13:56] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): We can conspire Mr Pearse
    [13:56] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): We gotta bring fresh blood into the city, this is one of the two ways i came up with…
    [13:56] Cyan Rayna: Meaning it would be a good time for events to draw people to stay in our lovely city
    [13:56] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): the second big announcement, and it ties in with what Silas was saying…
    [13:56] Edward Pearse: Can do
    [13:56] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): As you all know, the region north of academy (now called Blackberry Fields) belongs to me, Mr Tenk has control of the ground though
    its a full prim 30k region
    [13:57] Edward Pearse: It changed name?
    [13:57] Mosseveno TenkMosseveno Tenk nods
    [13:57] Cyan Rayna: Love the name Victor :3
    [13:57] Junie Ginsburg: not cinderberry fields?
    [13:57] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee)Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee) nods
    [13:57] Junie Ginsburg: hmph
    [13:57] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): December 1st to Jan 1st… The New Babbage Winter Faire will take place…
    [13:57] Mosseveno Tenk: Blackberry Fields Forever was too long for the system, sadly
    [13:57] Ceejay Writer: Wonderful name
    [13:57] Cyan Rayna: winter faire?
    [13:57] KillianBaileyJameson: wonderful!
    [13:57] Junie Ginsburg: it *is* a good name
    [13:57] Jimmy BranaghJimmy Branagh nods
    [13:57] Silas Merlin: winter faire?
    [13:57] Ceejay Writer: (Junie, in honor of one of our fallen Babbagers)
    [13:58] Junie Ginsburg: ((I realized, was just teasing))
    [13:58] Mosseveno Tenk: so you need snow on the ground by Dec 1st?
    [13:58] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): across the ground of the regions, NB based shops will be invited to set up a stand on the inner stall ring, the outer stall rings will be held over to the likes of Contraption, Lapointe and Bastchilde and all the other major SL victorian and steampunk builders… im looking at between 40 to 60 stalls…
    [13:58] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): that sounds excellent!
    [13:58] Junie Ginsburg: wow!
    [13:58] Edward Pearse: Cool
    [13:58] Cyan Rayna: Awesome I like this :3
    [13:59] Silas Merlin: how about the outside shops in the inner ring, so that they feel welcome ?
    [13:59] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Holy crap! I missed my 12th rezday. It was two days ago!
    [13:59] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): …can ya tell i walked away from the dr who community and im concentrating everything here now? lmao… thats it from me, more info on the winter faire will be released next month :D
    [13:59] Silas Merlin: just sayin’
    [13:59] Junie Ginsburg: happy rezday
    [13:59] Ceejay Writer: Love it – these sort of events should haul curious folk in
    [13:59] Silas Merlin: that’s great news
    [13:59] Jimmy Branagh: Happy Rez Day Mr. Philip!

    [14:00] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Seraphim will list it, I hope… good advertising for NB :)
    [14:00] Silas Merlin: I love the winter faire already
    [14:00] Ceejay Writer: Welcome to being 12 in SL, Philip! Now you can sign up for SLAARP.
    [14:00] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly)Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly) giggles
    [14:00] Nathan AdoredNathan Adored gets a goofy, lopsided smile.
    [14:00] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): It doesn’t hurt on e bit, honestly
    [14:00] Edward Pearse: What’s SLAARP? And do I really want to know?
    [14:00] Nathan Adored: SL AARP
    [14:00] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): Mr Tenk… i can start the faire off when New Babbage gets winterized, Dec 4th or 5th?
    [14:00] Gabrielle Riel: Play on AARP
    [14:01] Cyan Rayna: Mines in 13 days XD
    [14:01] Ceejay Writer: AARP is an association for retired people
    [14:01] Gabrielle Riel: American Association for Retired Persons
    [14:01] Ceejay Writer: and it’s fun to say SLAARP
    [14:01] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): a new group?
    [14:01] KillianBaileyJameson: time for Killian to go back into the bottle, goodbye and good luck, Babbagers!
    [14:01] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): goodnight :)
    [14:01] KillianBaileyJamesonKillianBaileyJameson waves
    [14:01] Cyan Rayna: Bye Killian
    [14:01] Ceejay Writer: Heh. Nah, no group needed. Just be old and flaunt it
    [14:01] Edward Pearse: Bye Killian
    [14:01] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): G’night Captain K
    [14:01] Silas MerlinSilas Merlin waves
    [14:01] Jimmy Branagh: Byee Captain!
    [14:01] Mosseveno Tenk: can it go Dec. 5th to Jan 5th? catch the last of the 12 days?
    [14:01] Ceejay Writer: G’night!
    [14:02] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): oh, good idea
    [14:02] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): ohhhhhh last of the 12 days! good idea :D ok, Dec 5th to Jan 5th it is
    [14:02] Mosseveno Tenk: so we’re not rushed to get the snow down in time
    [14:02] Edward Pearse: On the twelvth day of Sootmas my true love gave to me….
    [14:02] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee)Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee) chuckles
    [14:02] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): an advent calendar too?
    [14:03] Cyan Rayna: Is there a way we can make it easier for people to visit the city from the new sim then?
    [14:03] Edward Pearse: Scottish Advent Calendar: https://i.redd.it/3lusvfa095121.jpg
    [14:03] Mosseveno Tenk: i want an advent calendar…
    [14:03] Silas Merlin: maybe each shop makes a gift for the calendar ? get people to come every day ?
    [14:03] Nathan Adored: hah
    [14:03] Cyan Rayna: do we have an opening in the wall to the Academy
    [14:03] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): Sootmas Advent Calendar
    [14:03] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): lmao Ed
    [14:03] Mosseveno Tenk: can we run a crawler out from the main gate?
    trolley crew?
    [14:04] Junie Ginsburg: Edda and I were also brainstorming on a “giving tree” for Christmas
    [14:04] Mosseveno Tenk: call it something else. that book makes me angry
    [14:04] Junie Ginsburg: where folks could add gifts and get gifts
    [14:04] Edward Pearse: Does that mean Cailin’s house will have to be demolished for a proposed intergalactic highway?
    [14:04] Junie Ginsburg: okaaaay
    [14:04] Cyan Rayna: a Babbage Bush?

    [14:05] Ceejay Writer: Babbage Booty Branches
    [14:05] Mosseveno Tenk: if we have to run a road through caitlns house, i see know reasonwhy she should not try to stop it
    [14:05] Junie Ginsburg: just an idea at this point
    [14:05] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [14:05] Gabrielle RielGabrielle Riel opens her mouth and shuts it again
    [14:05] Ceejay Writer: ;)
    [14:05] Silas MerlinSilas Merlin wonders if Gabrielle caught a fly
    [14:06] Mosseveno Tenk: that build is looking far too idylic. people will get the wrong idea…
    Mosseveno Tenk grins
    [14:06] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [14:06] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): I’ll just open a gift shop and charge crazy prices for donuts and coal
    [14:06] Mosseveno Tenk: that’s the spirit
    [14:06] Edward Pearse: :-)
    [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: next to the road that goes where your house was, of course
    [14:07] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): course it also mean… with TWO grassland sims to the north of the wall… once the faire is packed up, two full snow regins for Go races…
    [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: no, i’m not derezzing her house. that’s just how we talk sometimes.
    [14:07] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): I’m putting in a toll bridge over the pond too
    [14:08] Nathan Adored: 0o
    [14:08] Junie Ginsburg: hmmm, interesting idea Victor
    [14:08] Edward Pearse: Reminds me of when they were clearing out one of the food vendors so they could expand the carparking at the Valley of the Kings and stumbled across a massive tomb complex for Ramases children
    [14:08] Nathan AdoredNathan Adored checks his pockets…. finds pocket-lint only
    [14:08] Jimmy Branagh: Goats under it?
    [14:08] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [14:08] Mosseveno Tenk: there’s lots of room north of the wall to do things. not many places have taht sort or luxury
    [14:09] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): loooooots of room :D
    [14:09] Junie Ginsburg: not as challenging as the canals
    we’d have to put in obstacles :-)
    [14:09] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Possibly an urchin or two Jimmy
    [14:09] Cyan Rayna: or clockhaven XD
    do it in the streets lol

    [14:10] Mosseveno Tenk: it will need jump ramps
    [14:10] Cyan Rayna: heh
    [14:11] Ceejay Writer: Is anyone planning to stick this chatlog up in Discord? Documents can be attached in chat, there.
    [14:11] Cyan Rayna: the canals were always fun though
    [14:11] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Ramps you say? With rings of fire maybe?
    [14:11] Junie Ginsburg: go for it, Cyan!
    [14:11] Cyan Rayna: O.o
    [14:11] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg laughs
    oh, Ceejay
    I meant Ceejay
    [14:11] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): and falling iron gates… with spikes on the end…
    [14:11] Nathan AdoredNathan Adored smiles.
    [14:11] Ceejay Writer: I know Cyan and I look alike but really!
    [14:11] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [14:11] Ceejay Writer: I’ll take care of it. ;)
    [14:11] Mosseveno Tenk: righto, grabbing the transcript now. thanks for coming.
    [14:11] Nathan Adored: wait….. falling ir…. EEEK
    [14:11] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): :D
    [14:12] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee)Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee) nods and grins at Mornington
    Obstacles R us eh
    [14:12] Edward Pearse: Might go back to be after this :-)
    [14:12] Cyan Rayna: XD
    [14:12] Edda Underwood (edan.borrelly): sweet scary dreams
    [14:13] Nathan Adored: ㋡
    [14:13] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): :D
    [14:13] Cyan Rayna: The good thing I thin is having the dscord is going to make planning evenst and such much easier now
    [14:13] Ceejay Writer: Off to test my turkey launcher and then find food, I think.
    [14:13] Nathan Adored: yup, there is that
    [14:13] Junie Ginsburg: back to the BAR with me
    Junie Ginsburg giggles
    [14:13] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): It’s 6am Edward! Wakey wakey time fer breaky
    [14:13] Ceejay Writer: Happy drinking Junie!
    [14:13] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): I will edit and post this on Discord if no one else wants it
    [14:13] Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): off to sort my inventory :D
    [14:13] Cyan Rayna: and we will be making the BAR easier to use or at least instructing people on how to use it
    [14:13] Jimmy Branagh: Back to … gulp … RL
    [14:13] Ceejay Writer: Philip, feel free!
    I’ll save a copy but not totally in the mood to edit.
    [14:14] Philip Underwood (pilipo.underwood): Not if it is your CJ!
    [14:14] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): Enjoy, Jimmy
    [14:14] Jimmy Branagh: I always enjoy nightmare experiences
    Thx though!
    [14:14] Cailín Mac Aodha (coleen88mcgee): We’ve noticed
    [14:15] Jimmy Branagh: I’ll mention late Salon notices to the Baron