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Footman’s Logg; Sept 6, 18XX

I am worried now.

I’ve returned to Babbage from Armada, having been there researching their haunted district, and had gone to the Gangplank for my usual rum.

The first thing I noticed, the circle marked on the cobbles outside.  the symbols inside weren’t from any culture I recognized, but with all the recent graffiti and the recent vandalism, it could be meaningless, another symbol taken at random from an old book.  The fact it was in Clockhaven lead me t beleive it wasn’t done by anyone who did their homework.  There was recent evidence of scrubbing as well, obscuring any idea what the intent had been.

Entering the Gangplank, I nodded to Mr Morou, and sat at the bar, helping myself to an ale, and throwing some money in the tips.

When Miss Anatra entered.  She asked Mr. Morou how Miss Macbain was doing.  This caught my interest and I asked her why.  She explained to me Star’s mental state recently, and how she seemed to be under the influence of some mesmerist named Loosestrife.  I don’t worry often, but Miss Anatra’s explanation caused me concern, and so I inquired if she knew the adress of this man as I checked and loaded my pistol.  If he is doing something to cause- /writings is more scribbled and not very ledgeable/ .  

I’m sorry, I have successfully avoided sleep for the past few days.   Eitherway, she hadn’t seen him lately, and claimed he had dissappeared.  Dr. Sonnerstien had entered then, he had just seen Miss Macbain in the Bucket of Blood of all places.  The fact she is patroning a pub owned by a man who he and his wife she has had a relatively unhealthy history with may be a sign of her current state.  I will have pengi keeping an eye out for him, and talk to Underby, see if he knew why’d she’d be in the bucket.  if that brings me no information, I may have to use other means.

I am releived however that according to Miss Anatra, she is not biting people.

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