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Footman’s logg. Sept 2. 18XX

I made the mistake of sleeping again last night, the dreams were much more vivid, of Kadath and rotting things.  I awoke with a start to see one of them staring at me… bulging eyes.  and slimy frog belly, in my own factory!  somehow it had gotten past the signs, possibly through my nightmare.  I reacted as you’d expect, drawing my pistol and firing.  the shot hit #11 and ricoched into one of the eel vats, spilling flopping, sparking eels all over.  The thing was gone.  I got up and took more of the pills I picked up in Steelhead, a combination of stimulants to war off sleep.  and ordered the pengi to clean up the mess (they tend to enjoy the electric shocks of the eels anyway).  as I went out to the cemetary to collect myself.  eyeing the new graves before making my way to the Gangplank for some rum and  possibly pie from the bakery.

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