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Footman’s Logg; Oct 9th, 18XX

I’ve been overseeing the repairs on the plant, and it is now back to full power, and managed to retrieve my heart from Dr. Sonnerstien, finally able to leave off the circulatory device I had been using in place.

Apparantly now too, there is a new epidemic in the city, similar to the F-virus from last year.  I’ve heard the details second hand, but those infected tend to resemble the undead or something (wich would explain why people keep asking me if I’m feeling well, my time without serum took a toll unfortunately),  I did have a group come to the plant convinced it was my doing.  and while, the zombies currently contained in the graveyard are escapees from my lab, they’re not the same strain of virus as this other one.

It’s possibly a new strain of disease, apparantly centered around the museum in Babbage Square. Unfortunatly, I have to take a trip to Ichor Falls this week, or I’d see about studying this, possibly retreiving a sample.

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