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Footman’s Logg; Nov 24th, 18XX

Finally returning to Babbage, the Badger has aparantly kept all in order, however, the Anti-Ectotheric Containment Device seems to be starting to fail, the SLenderman was able to knock the device on it’s side.  Since his eventual escape seemed likely at this point, and the fact the device kept getting confused with the ‘reality enforcing device’ it was based off of, a new Anti-Ectotheric Containment device was needed, the Mk II, improving many of the design flaws inherent in the original (such as sending curious midgets who touch it into comas)

Powered by the very Ectotheric energy it traps, the SLenderman should be well contained by now, of course, given the weight and the necessity of monitoring the device, I will not be able to ship him to the Harbor Landing labs at this point.



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