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Footman’s Logg: Nov 10th, 18XX

I’m once again heading out of Babbage, keeping the plant under the (not so) watchful eye of the Badger and the pengis.  I have to travel to Bump, something about a recently brain damaged villager, might require the implant of a sump pump or other.

So I will once again be away.


((OOC: rather than waiting until thanksgiving and working out wich parent to go to this year, me and my brother are going upstate early to spend part of the week at our dad’s, and the rest at our moms to help her organize and pack up the falling apart house she’s sold before she moves to Kentucky.  So will be away for about a week, I can’t guarauntee i’ll be online much at eirhter location as my dad has….odd ideas of how his internet service should be, while my mom is in an inland, upstate NY version of Innsmouth, where the townsfolk as they mature resemble bovines more than pisceans, if any venture out of their foggy feilds, I’ll try to take a blurry, out of focus picture))

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