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Footman’s Logg, Feb 7th, 188X, holiday on the moon


I have returned breifly to New Babbage, where I learned of the moon base.


to visit as part of my vacation, I first constructed a rocket to
transport myself, it unfortunatly did not survive it’s first launch and
nosedived back into the earth spectacularly , sadly the test automoton
did not survive.


So, I reconfigured a base rocket used
in early experiment’s breaking out of the atmosphere, and loaded it with
more powerful rockets.




seemed to do the trick, as it held together much better. So, setting a
temporary launch pad in the Academy, fitted my pressure suit from when I
visited Miss Static’s orbital station over my winter coat, and the
launch was soon underway.




It landed a little roughly, bending the base stand in the rear slightly on moon rocks, but otherwise handeled well.




soon made my way to the base. Entering first, posing for the camera
automoton by the Babbage flag, as any self respecting tourist would do.




station itself is fairly impressive, and I see the Clockhaven power
plant’s portal technology has been linked already (had I realized, I
might have save myself the hassle of aquiring a working rocket).




living quarters were fairly nice, resembling some hotel, though the bed
in one room wasn’t made, they may want to see about either hiring a
maid, or getting some sort of automotons (wich I’d happily make a deal
on behalf of Footman Industries for)




found the observatory first, the telescope give a very vivid picture of
the heavens, including a detailed look at Mars, sadly, the camera drone
had wound down at that point and dropped like a somewhat light rock
(the moon appears to have a low gravity).


After a quick
windup, and some time in the bar, (a true sign of civilization if I’ve
ever seen one), I managed to locate the simulation room, which appears
to utilize some sort of new technology to create a 3 dimensional
representation of the stars.





some searching, I finally located the lab, very basic, but has all the
nessecities, I may borrow it during my stay for my own research.




exploring the base, I donned my helmet again and stepped out to walk
the surface, No sign of moon men so far, but the view is impressive,
Earth seems about the size of a golfball from here, New Babbage is not
even visible.




in all, I may spend a while up here, as the research oppertunities are
many. Sadly, there’s no fishing here, I will have to make do.


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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn February 7, 2011

    I am really enjoying reading everyone’s adventures on the moon. Hope to be able to do some good moon based rp soon. Hope no one runs into Mr. Steamweaver, if he’s still around.

    ((OOC: Mr. Footman, where did you get that space suit? And is there anyway we can get that or a similar suit available for all moon visitors? I still have my suit from the old privateer space sim before it vanished, but that’s not exactly steampunkish))

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon February 7, 2011

    Good to see you made it safely and the portal is holding up.

    We have been having some trouble with the phase lock on the lunar portal, I’m having to manually adjust the field settings every few hours. I think there might be something up there causing these problems… something unknown…

    • Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn February 8, 2011

      Oh dear, I hope my future arrival to the station (my past arrival to the future station? temporal paradoxes are a pain) is not the cause of these problems….

    • Yang Moreau Yang Moreau February 8, 2011

      Harmonizing vibrations of singing space rats perhaps?

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman February 8, 2011

    Miss Falcon, I’ll keep an eye out for any anomolies while I am on the Lunar surface


    ((found the spacesuit on Xstreet, it’s the engineer suit from Deadspace, so not neccisarily steampunkish,  just worn with my coat, can’t seem to find it on xstreet or sl market or whatever anymore, but I think it can still be found in world now in the Doomed Ship sim))

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