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Footman’s Logg; Dec 13th, 18XX

I’ve largely stayed in either the lab, or my study in the plant, in an effort to avoid most the holiday ‘cheer’ like my great uncle Ebineezer Scrooge Footman, only with enough devices to keep any spirits of other timelines, or krampuses away, and focus on my work.  

The new formula of serum seems to be losing some of it’s potency, as my current appearance and need to return to a respirator have been testament to.  I haven’t been able to atch Miss Macbain to examine her for ill side effects either, but when I last saw, she didn’t seem to be in the same condition as I am, but then again, I didn’t have to stitch her back together.

I have also attempted work on the new power source again, while aquiring sources has been difficult, possibly due to time of year and the general babbageness of this town, but I’ve sent pengi outside te walls to aquire more.

I have also pried my nose into this beast business, including returning to the crypt next door.  I’ve come to the conclusion by this point, that the tomb is much older even than the cemetary on my own property, aside from that, more information was found as to the nature of the beast, the site it’s self ,  where the creature emerged from the statue, has some sort of large boxlike contraption over the crossroads nearby, apparantly some sort of very large trap or something.   Having not seen the creature myself , I can’t say if the thing would hold it much.  

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