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Footman’s Logg, Apr 17th, 188X, repairs

I had brought Gizzy down to the assembly area/workshop.  The arm was easy enough to replace, as I had plenty different models.


The key was more problematic.

I had to go back through my notes on Gizzy’s engineering, primarily as all the gears to that mechanism that powered her, I had gone through and numbered.


In the end, thinking about all the times she had wound down at bad times, I reworked the mechanism, taking one of the type 8 steam boilers for the 005 series (as the brass might be more appreciated by Gizzy rather than cast iron of th 005 series), and was able to refit her kinetics to the boiler.


Stoking the small brass plated burner now on her back, I activated her cognigator.  Once I saw the gears of the cognigator tcking as they should, I closed her up, and activted the rest.


Afer she took some time to adjust and get dressed, and examined the smokesacks on her shoulders in the mirror, she proclaimed herself ready to resume her duties.  I had asked her what had happened to leave her in such a state.  She had little memory except for a discovery at the excavation site at the colony in Antarctica, and had boarded the next zubmersible to Babbage, then something about a ruptured hull, claws, glimpses of a bright room with buzzing noises, activating again in the canals with a sense of urgency and low power reserves, then nothing until I finally reactivated her.


Whatever happened may have damaged the memory stacks in her cognigator, as for the discovery, she couldn’t remember, I have sent a message to Harbor Landing about this, but as the weather in Antarctica can delay things, it could easily be a few days, or even weeks until I receive a response.


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon April 17, 2011

    Most impressive! A similar upgrade to my own, this should have a marked improvement on Gizzy’s operational efficiency.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman April 17, 2011

    hopefully, and now I won’t need to be called in whenever she winds down in odd isolated areas

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