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Foot Tappin’ Friday, 6 April session

The weekly Friday show in Babbage has become the high point of my week in world. (Especially since I started live photoblogging it on my Flickr photostream.)  Since I was taking my girlfriend to her first one, I was hoping for a really good show.

Things got off to a pretty shaky start.  Mr. Harvey was nowhere to be found and no one had been told about alternative plans. I took it upon myself to promote a Foot Tappin’ Friday without a host at the CocoaJava. We would listen to the stream that was set up at the CafĂ© and provide our own witty banter.

It worked, too. People started showing up, driven there by my “We’ll put on a show in the barn” promotional messages on the Steampunks of Babbage channel. It wasn’t the same, though. The couches around the fireplace were filling up nicely. But there wasn’t a lot of dancing going on. Still we were all having a good time and Alie was impressed by how quickly you get people in Babbage to volunteer to make a party better.  (Special props to Gadget for coming over and trying to usurp the stream and get some real party tunes going.)

Things had been going on for about an hour when I was contacted by His Grace.  He had made arrangements with Mr. Harvey to take over this Friday’s proceedings and was surprised to find me running the show from the CocoaJava.  He offered to let me continue, but I thought that he made a much better host. Especially because he could provide a stream not dominated by Enya. I made the announcement that the party was moving to the Clarendon and off we went.

For the next few hours, Pearse played this truly delicious 80’s set. He promised a good time and the man delivered. There was even a surprise visit from Victor Mornington, who had been absent because of issues with a recent RL move and some motherboard problems. It looks like both of these are settled, so he’ll soon get back to alternating Fridays with Mr. Harvey for hosting Foot Tappin Friday (and adding my girlfriend to his legion of rabid Babbage fangirls).

I do hope to see you at next week’s show, dear readers. It’s always such fun, no matter who hosts it.


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  1. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse April 9, 2012

    I apologise for not having checked the usual start time for Foot Tappin’ Fridays or I would have been in earlier, but thank you for the compliments.

    I may have to send some people round for a chat with Vic & BB and see if I can break into this Friday gig more often. It’s quite fun to just wing it on something like 80s tunes :-)

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