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Fleet Week!

This is the official notice for all New Babbage Militia members, and especially those members of the Naval Squadron and the Marines.  The 3rd annual Fleet Week for the Steamlands will be held in Winterfell this year.

I am hoping for a maximum effort on Thursday November the 17th at 6 PM SLT for the Ironclad Fight Night.  The New Babbage Naval Squadron won a trophy last year for the melee event and I hope to get a repeat on that.

Please drop me a notecard inworld or send a post via the aetheric mail (jeddagger at Gmail dor com) if you want to participate.  They are having a sail combat night, and the big naval review on Friday, so the more the merrier!  If you have considered joining up, this is a prime time because the week ends with the Uniform Ball…


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