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Finish Line at the Burning Barrel Race

I took a few photos of today’s race.  Do forgive the overbright lighting in some.  It was a struggle to see otherwise.

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  1. Aether Steamweaver Aether Steamweaver November 17, 2013

    Fanks to Loki fer organising the Barrel Race. My first time runnin’ in one. Now I has a nice warm barrel ter take home!

  2. Jon Chen Jon Chen November 18, 2013

    Thanks for the picture, Miss Garnet, especially given the challenging circumstances presented by SL, what one might call “Linden Weather.”  I thought I might take a few pictures myself, but I found the rez time to be problematic, and unf needed the shorter draw range.  It was a great race, my thanks to Loki, and to those who ran the race; I am sure this phosphorus business will be sorted out shortly, and no doubt found to be merely a change in the formulation of the flamamble substance coating the barrel, itself.  Barrels that landed in the harbour might serve as a further deterrent to any Deep Ones still lurking nearby!

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