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Finding one whose Lost ((april 7th


Lilith sits quietly in her bed at the clinic, thinking like she usually does between any visitors, though it had been lonely.  It had been a few weeks now since everyone had told her that Leon was sucked though some portal.  There were bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, being here. Her ears twitch a bit as she looks over hearing someone entering where she was. The other thing that kept eating at her, was why… why did Cargernak tell Beryl to keep her safe, what was behind that, it was a surprise neither Beryl or Lilith saw coming.

Tepic smiles as he looks over to Liliths bed “ello Lilith, how yer doing?”

Lilith smiles a little  “am… ok just tired… hoping I am gonna get out of here soon,” Lilith looks down and winces as she shifted how she was sitting. “Did Beryl tell you I met….. Cargernak?”

Tepic nods “Yep, heard he came snoopin…..what were he after?”

Lilith nods “He was …curious about me… and what I was.  He said was my Chord has not accepted the Verdagrim” This comment causing Tepic to look quite confused. Lilith nods as she continued, “When he simplified it he said it was my curse he was talking about.”

Tepic “oh…. I heard ‘bout girls having a curse, when the moon is full or somethin…..”

Hearing this causes Lilith to turn a beat red, “No…I am not old enough for that one… but my other …. curse… ya see… I am similar but different from that wolf boy.. Snow.”

Tepic blinks a bit surprised, “Blimey…… errrrr….. you ain’t gonna get…. errr… worked up or anything are yer?”

Lilith shakes her head “No, I am different… I…. I am in full control and do not suffer from the hunger. I can even change at will.”

“Cor….. inter a wolf?” Tepic asked looking at her curiously, as if expecting her to sprout fur at any moment.

Lilith nods, “I dun have the weakness to wolfsbayne or silver, but I am always sick, and coughing blood…. I dun have their brute strength or size, but I have there speed and sense of smell.”

Tepic thinks a moment, “Hmmm…. say, Tenderpaws an Snow heal real quick when they’s wolves, could you change, heal up an then turn back?”

Lilith shakes her head, “It’s one thing I did not get the benefit of having and that is what made Cargernak real curious.”

Tepic lowers his ears, “oh… shame that…. never mind, ye’ll get better soon.”

It was then that Beryl spoke up, after having slinked in unnoticed, “I have good news.”

Lilith and Tepic looked over and greeted him, and Lilith asked, “What kinda good news?”

It was about Rasend it turned out, and Lilith nodded slowly as she listened to him explain their plan again, which contained many new details that were new to her.  Fortunately it seemed they were not the only ones interested to see what would happen if Lilith came into contact with the other wolf.  

“Firs’ we still got ter find Leon…..” Tepic said when Beryl was finished.

“I… I seen him in my dreams… but its never good.” Lilith’s ears twitched slightly as she recalled the horrors from her nightmares.

“Yer have?” Tepic looked at her pensively,” “Well, that may be good….. errrr…. where was he?

Lilith looks down and thinks for a moment, “Am not sure… but.. this place…. I dream not so good things here”

“Anyone see what happened ter him?”  Tepic asked looking between the two.

“Only Zaros,” Beryl explained and Tepic frowned since it had been her that had attacked Leon in the first place.    

“She probably ain’t gonna tell us-”  Tepic began, but Beryl cut him off.

“Actually she gloated about it while she was trying to shoot us too.  Monologuing like Doctor Obolensky, except without his style.”

“Oh….” Tepic said the first revelation, but when Beryl mentioned Doctor Obolensky the young fox cried out, ”Oooooh!”

Beryl let his friend think about the information a little longer before he continued, “She said that she cast him off into something called the ‘vortex’ and he could be lost anywhere.  Probably dead, or deteriorating.”

Though he didn’t know what that was Tepic considered that a blessing, “Least he ain’t inside himself, that can always be tricky…..”

Beryl’s tone became more amused, if apologetic, “Sorry about having to send you inside two people two months ago….but it did need to be done.”

“Yep, the rules ain’t fixed… can be difficult.  Still, it worked!”  Tepic flashed a bright and cheerful grin to his friend, who returned his good cheer with a more subdued grin.  Finally the fox lad turned back to his other friend, “Lilith…. anythin yer can describe from where yer see him?”

“I know one place oy saw him… was… was in the dreams of my past….. back where I was raised…. the other is in some strange place that its always night and really is odd not like anything I seen before.”

“… always night…… outdoors or indoors?”  When Lilith explained it was outside Tepic continued, “Any trees?  Tall, with branches an leaves high up?”  Lilith rubbed her head as she tried to remember as much as she could from the dreams and shook her head.  

“Not the Aspens of the Night Elves then…..just as well, he would be in REAL trouble if he were there!”

Lilith bllinks, “The place has thick fog and waves which are relaxing….. I see him there after I dream of him… him b..being…” She didn’t want to think about how she saw him being torn apart.


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