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February Book Discussion at the Burton Library

“Welcome to New Babbage, a consensual hallucination of a Victorian-era steampunk city in a time that never was.

 Unlike most cities of the imagination, New Babbage exists within the virtual world of Second Life. People “go” there on a daily basis to live out parallel lives as evil geniuses, swashbuckling airship pilots, clever street urchins and builders of wondrous machines.

 The citizens of New Babbage also tell stories. In fact, storytelling amounts to a national pasttime in our sooty cobbled streets. With this volume, the effort to bring together the ever-changing swirl of tales that is New Babbage continues.”


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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw February 5, 2015

    Unfortunately, my RL job finally added me to the weekend rotation and I will be at work this Sunday after all.  

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