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February 10th, 18XX

The Sparrowwood docked at the top of the Palisade tower as Footman oversaw the pengi loading and unloading.  They were taking crates off the upper deck, carrying them down to the bottom of the tower, to a waiting flatbed railcar, then immediatly taking the same crates off the railcar, and bringing them back up to the airship.  Footman watched them, tapping his foot, and didn’t bother correcting them, it had been keeping them busy afterall.

#283 swatted at a clockwork finch whose nest it had upset, by knocking the nest off the edge of the platform with the side of the crate. #540 had been just staring at a crate marked ‘SARDINES”, and #10 and #4,321 had dropped their crate, containing the Lost Skull of Anure, and were bickering and shoving each other.  It was much more organized and quiet than the usual docking procedures were.

Leaving the pengi to argue and jostle each other, Grendel headed off into the city to see about getting a drink.


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