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Fall Town Hall 2016 Transcript

Town hall was held after a very long hiatus on Oct. 8 at 1pm.

  • Need a volunteer to organize Trick-or-Treat punkins
  • Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin, 4th caretaker of Steampunk Park, is looking for historic images of the park and new items to refurbish the lot, and Halloween decorations.
  • Rent was lowered everywhere except Vernian Sea.
  • Zombies?
  • Build code is a bit relaxed for Halloween decorations but don’t get walmart tacky.
  • Monthly special events at the Pantheon for those that need an excuse to get dressed up.
  • Bonfire Night & Burning Barrel Races 1st weekend in November. Expect mischief.
  • Snowfall 3rd weekend in November (weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving). Snow textures will be issued.
  • Christmas/Winter Holiday decorations must be in theme. Full-bright MUST be justified by technology. Lots of people keep sky at night during winter.
  • Still need Christmas Broadcast stories or there will be no Christmas Broadcast.
  • Roleplay seems to be going well lately because Tenk isn’t hearing about it. Keep it like that.


Next Town Hall will be in January and will discuss Oiling Festival. Transcript follows…


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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 9, 2016

    [12:58] (You): branagh, this feels like i’m in front of a firing squad
    [12:58] Jimmy Branagh: Well, er …
    [12:58] (You) waits for it
    [12:58] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Would you like a cigarette?
    [12:58] Jimmy Branagh: Loike a cirarette?
    [12:58] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    [12:59] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Oh, so that’s why they have podium between you and us to duck behind
    [12:59] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): a blindfold?
    [12:59] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Usually
    [12:59] Tepic Harlequin produces his firework machine gun….
    [12:59] (You): `old auditorium was more circle shaped
    [12:59] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Hello all
    [12:59] (You): right.
    [12:59] Jimmy Branagh: Needs a nice podium like the one in Moby Dick
    [12:59] Lissie Pelham (lissilanya): Err..this IS the music hall Night of a Hundred Ukeles isn’t it?

    [13:00] (You): the chatlog of this meeting will be posted in the forums, as always. if you want to be edited out, speak now.
    [13:00] Tepic Harlequin: there was a podium in a whale?
    [13:00] (You): 100 ukeleles?
    [13:00] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles
    [13:00] (You): is obolensky back? that is diabolical
    [13:00] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Does sound like it would tickle his fancy
    [13:00] Jimmy Branagh: No.  Father Maples podium was like the prow of a whaling ship
    [13:00] (You): how did the air races go yesterday?
    [13:00] Lissie Pelham (lissilanya) checks her ticket “Oh..wrong night”

    [13:01] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello everyone!
    [13:01] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Pretty well, especially the airship dograce at the end
    [13:01] (You): jed, would you keep  a chatlog incase i get disconnected?
    [13:01] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Inexperienced pilots just jumped in for the heck of it to get shot down
    [13:01] (You): airship dograce?
    [13:01] (You): the japanese empire came?
    [13:01] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): More like Dogfight
    [13:01] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): I can
    [13:01] (You): thanks
    [13:01] Beq Janus jumps as she realises she nearly sat on someone

    [13:02] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Ended in explosions.  Best way to top off a race
    [13:02] Rusalka Writer: I’m shockingly crashy this morning.
    [13:02] Tepic Harlequin: did it use Loki’s ballons?
    [13:02] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Nah, Nathaniel lorefield programmed it
    [13:02] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Ballons might be next time

    [13:03] (You): we don’t have many steamland wide events, but they are a lot of fun. if you want to organize one, its work, but it helps create community. i do recommend not doing them during fall, as that is usualy the high social season and the calendars are harder to find gaps. things quiet down after new years
    [13:03] (You): speaking of steamlands, mr paderborn will be moving Underhill to about where Armada Breakaway used to be, so we’ll have a new nearish neighbor visible on the big map. He would like to be connected to the railway ticketing system.
    [13:04] (You): that is a rural late 19th c theme sim

    [13:04] (You): right
    [13:04] (You): october!
    [13:04] (You): who is making the trick or treat punkin this year?
    [13:04] (You): we have to be ready for the great pumpkin. he will rise in my patch this year if it kills me
    [13:05] (You): what that is, every year we put out giver jack o lanterns on the doorsteps for the last weekend in october so those that want to dress up and go trick or treating with their friends can go. i need a volunteer to organize that.
    [13:06] (You): only thing you really have to do is make the jack o lantern. if you want to organize more, that’s nice too
    [13:06] (You): so IM me if you’re interested please

    [13:06] (You): and with halloween, lady moldylocks will be having a costume ball at the pantheon next saturday
    [13:07] (You): what time is that at?
    [13:07] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): 3pm
    [13:07] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Pantheon Ballroom of New Babbage, Wheatstone
    [13:07] (You): She’s going to try and get some regular monthly formal events going at the pantheon. i know a lot of folks have missed having a regular formal to dress up for. so if you want it to continue, please support it
    [13:07] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Any type of costume is appropriate, and Gabriele Riel will be spinning tunes
    [13:08] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Thanks, Tenk
    [13:08] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Very much so!
    [13:08] Jimmy Branagh applauds

    [13:08] (You): for newer folks, you might have noticed we tend to prefer monthly events to weekly events. that’s so the calendar doesn’t get completely choked up, and more people get to play
    [13:08] (You): but the weekly events are nice too, that’s where i get my photoshopping done
    [13:09] (You): anyone got anything else for october?
    [13:09] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): It’s less pressure for those socially anxious too
    [13:09] (You): true
    [13:09] (You): the weekly events that we do have are nice and laid back

    [13:09] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): I have a question
    [13:09] (You): yes doctor?
    [13:09] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ;-)
    [13:10] Tepic Harlequin: is there going to be a zombie outbreak this year?
    [13:10] (You): mmm
    [13:10] (You) shrugs
    [13:10] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): If anyone has pictures of the Park from the past, and also if it was decorated for Halloween, please drop them my way
    [13:10] (You): that depends on how clumsy mornington is with those special orders he gets at the docks
    [13:10] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Victor isn’t digging this year is he?
    [13:10] (You): ah, yes

    [13:11] Beq Janus: which park in particular?
    [13:11] (You): Dr H-V is the new owner of Steampunk Park
    [13:11] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): yes
    [13:11] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Where is that?
    [13:11] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte): There are zombies over in The Fells if you really want them. Or there were the last time I checked.
    [13:11] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Or any other mad scientist in the city
    [13:11] (You): I had to derez most of it ebcause it was up to the prim limit and i couldn’t change the folaige

    [13:12] Tepic Harlequin: There may be some experimentation from the urchins mixing Caladoneon Blue and Vole cheese… could have.. unexpected consequences
    [13:12] (You): so if you have old pictures of steampunk park, which is a fairly historical build, please pass them to her. i believe you are the 4th caretaker
    [13:12] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): Also, any ideas about a clockwork sculpure or ride would be great
    [13:12] Beq Janus: is that the one on the lower corner of the canals?
    [13:12] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles at Tepic
    [13:12] Beq Janus: that *was*
    [13:12] (You): the one catty to the library, across from ruby’s pub

    [13:13] (You): thank you for bringing that up doctor
    [13:13] Rusalka Writer: Images of the Chicago Exposition might help.
    [13:13] Myrtil Igaly: Oh Shay’s
    [13:13] Beq Janus: ahh ok  …. hmm I have some I think. prolly 2007ish I’ll have a pick through my flickr
    [13:13] Beq Janus: yeah Shay’s
    [13:13] (You): there used to be a very handsome outdoor clock there
    [13:13] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ohhhh
    [13:13] (You): wonder what happened to it. i never saw it show up on the night markets
    [13:13] Beq Janus: we used to get it all snwoed up in winter
    [13:13] Jimmy Branagh: And an ice rink
    [13:13] (You): or any part of it
    [13:13] (You): winter!
    [13:13] (You): so moving on to november
    [13:13] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ice rink–great
    [13:14] Myrtil Igaly: we’ve got an urchin Christmas card taken there

    [13:14] (You): bonfire night will be first weekend in november, i will guess.
    [13:14] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte) grins “Yay!”
    [13:14] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Will there be a bonfire?
    [13:14] (You): and with that there will be the annual running of the burning barrel race
    [13:14] Beq Janus: yes! Polly Anna was in that, must have been 2008/2009, Myrtil?
    [13:14] Jimmy Branagh whispers “Fire … hehe … fire!”
    [13:14] (You): there will be fireworks. best viewing is the bridge over grand canal near loki’s absinthe house

    [13:15] Myrtil Igaly: 2007/2008
    [13:15] Tepic Harlequin: Loki is back in and around the City, so could be interesting :-)
    [13:15] Myrtil Igaly: I think
    [13:15] Jimmy Branagh: Yes
    [13:15] Jimmy Branagh: And yes, he’a plotting again

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 9, 2016

    [13:15] (You): the burning barrel race is a difficult thing where you have to run pushing a physical object through the streets. we use the same route every year, and it is filmed. this gives Loki something with which to measure the performance of the grid from year to year.
    [13:16] (You): i don’t think the race track crosses private land any more. i’ve really worked to get that route clear over th eyears so the barrels don’t get stuck
    [13:16] (You): and then after that…
    [13:16] Silas Merlin: Hello
    [13:16] Myrtil Igaly: Hey Silas!
    [13:16] Jimmy Branagh waves to Silas

    [13:16] (You): i’ve been seeing Loki Eliot wandering around the streets lately, trying to be sneaky about it
    [13:16] (You): but
    [13:16] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): We always manage to find a few in curious places
    [13:16] (You): i got a hunch that he is up to something
    [13:17] (You): so maybe stick around after the fireworks are over and wait for trouble.
    [13:17] (You) shrugs
    [13:17] Myrtil Igaly: He’s working on a way to have all his previous stories into a hud so people can replay them, look for clues, etc.

    [13:17] (You): as always, no one knows what Loki is up to. but it’s always interesting, and you’ll definitely have to learn about the city lore .
    [13:18] (You): nice!
    [13:18] (You): i’ve been derezzing all the old clues as i’ve worked my way through the sewers
    [13:18] (You): lets see….
    [13:18] (You): next thing that happens
    [13:18] Tepic Harlequin: problem is the amoubnt of rebuilding!
    [13:18] (You): i keep replacign the city a prim at a time.
    [13:18] (You): and we get a little more every time.

    [13:19] (You): still haven’t worked the sewers up to city hall yet, but we need to work out the entrances. i think there will be a couple of hiddne staircases and a secret elevator here on teh first floor rather than a basement entrance like 2 versions ago. we’ll see
    [13:20] (You): als got a big gap in clockhaven that is waiting for the razed area to be rebuild.
    [13:20] (You) clears throat
    [13:20] Jimmy Branagh thumb-ups

    [13:20] (You): snowfall!
    [13:20] Tepic Harlequin: aaaggghhh!
    [13:20] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): dreaded S word
    [13:20] (You): third weekend in november. since i moved to new mexico i now have a turkey dinner to go to, so that’s 1 week earlier than it used to be
    [13:20] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): =^_^=
    [13:21] Rusalka Writer: I apologize for my late fall foliage change.

    [13:21] (You): please use the city snow textures
    [13:21] (You): please use the city snow textures
    [13:21] Myrtil Igaly: gotta go get my old boots from Mister Spider’s Pawn shop
    [13:21] (You): please use the city snow textures.
    [13:21] (You): one snow, one color.
    [13:21] Beq Janus: and NO FULL BRIGHT
    [13:21] (You): no
    [13:21] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): None authentic without the seal
    [13:21] Tepic Harlequin: one snow ter rule em, one snow ter bind em all together…..
    [13:21] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles
    [13:21] (You): the city looks best at night with lights on once the snow goes down, and a lot of folks stay at that setting. full bright wrecks it.

    [13:22] (You): and please don’t put hovertext in the posters. that’s just annoying.
    [13:22] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Where can one find these snow textures?
    [13:22] (You): the snow texturs will be issued.
    [13:22] Tepic Harlequin: same ones as before?
    [13:22] (You): if you need a texture to match the city textures, just ask
    [13:22] (You): most likely
    [13:22] (You): i’ll send the usual issue in a notice
    [13:23] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Right, I’ll have to figure it out for my roof.

    [13:23] (You): mesh
    [13:23] (You): accidents will happen
    [13:23] Beq Janus: Do we have a fiull set of materials for the now textures now?
    [13:23] (You): don’t set your mesh to physical!
    [13:23] (You): we did a test destruct of the old city hall in a bare empty sandbox and almost maxxed out the sim. mr panache reported the sim was broken after we had our fun

    [13:24] (You): materials
    [13:24] (You): accidents will happen
    [13:24] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): so when will snow fall again?   i missed that
    [13:24] Myrtil Igaly: third weekend in November
    [13:24] (You): do not apply materials to a torus unless you got a lot of prims to spare. same with linking anyting mesh or material enabled to a torus. or old sculpts.
    [13:24] (You): snowfall is 3rd weekend in november
    [13:24] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): ty
    [13:24] (You): week before turkey day
    [13:24] Beq Janus: read my blog if yo want to know what
    [13:24] Beq Janus: why

    [13:25] (You): if you got questions on how mesh works. ask beq. she is not afraid to experiment !
    [13:25] Beq Janus: I took a torus to 9000LI :-)

    [13:25] (You): once the snow goes down you are allowed to put up christmas decorations. please be tasteful and in era.
    [13:26] Myrtil Igaly: tis an expensive torus indeed
    [13:26] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): No Griswalds
    [13:26] Tepic Harlequin: errrr…. were decorations of the time tasteful?
    [13:26] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): LOL
    [13:26] (You): i’m more lenient about getting a bit tacky for halloween deco, but reign it in for the winter holidays. no hallmark walmart lawns.

    [13:27] Beq Janus: gnomes with tinsel?
    [13:27] Beq Janus: *cough*
    [13:27] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): lol
    [13:27] (You) clears throat
    [13:27] Rusalka Writer: No clowns, please.
    [13:27] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte): Gigantic Christmas trees
    [13:27] (You): i’ll tell boiler elf you said that ms J
    [13:27] Myrtil Igaly: Oooooh….
    [13:27] Beq Janus curses, no coal for me this year

    [13:27] (You): if this is your first december here, we do get visited by steam santa, and his assistant, the boiler elf.
    [13:28] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Clowns and gnomes
    [13:28] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ah
    [13:28] (You): so if you start hearing weird stories, that is what is going on with that.
    [13:28] Tepic Harlequin: remember.. the biggest tree is lilely to lose the top six feet to supply the urchin hideouts with a tree…
    [13:28] (You): i think he is done with his aetehr salon presentations
    [13:28] Jimmy Branagh: Awww
    [13:28] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss) chuckles and makes a note to get a tiny tree.

    [13:28] (You): we’ve also had a traditional radio broadcast of stories from the city
    [13:28] (You): and
    [13:28] (You): i don’t have the stories!
    [13:28] Gabrielle Riel smiles
    [13:28] (You): i do have a song

    [13:29] Rusalka Writer: I have an old mattress and burn barrel behind my teahouse, for the urchins in the cold weather.
    [13:29] Beq Janus: oh my, who stole the stories? There must be a story behind that?
    [13:29] (You): so if you want that broadcast to happen, i need a couple stories. the theme this year will be about people waiting up for santa to arrive.
    [13:29] Jimmy Branagh: What’s the deadline for stories?
    [13:29] (You): now
    [13:29] Jimmy Branagh: I can’t write that fast
    [13:29] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte): There a word count?
    [13:29] Jimmy Branagh: How about yesterday?
    [13:29] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ;-)
    [13:29] Tepic Harlequin: 3000 word max

    [13:30] (You): well, as soon as you can. i need to be getting the recordings for those in early december or it doesn’t happen.
    [13:30] (You): yep
    [13:30] (You): i might have to write one thisyear. grumble….
    [13:30] (You): chinese water torture….
    [13:30] (You): that’s how i feel about writing
    [13:30] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): I can try.
    [13:30] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): With perhaps a little help.
    [13:30] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) shops for Chinese water

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 9, 2016

    [13:30] (You): and the last thing i got is occupancy,
    [13:31] (You): we’re hovering around 82%, which is where we’ve been for a long time. i don’t know what the damage was over summer as the spreadsheet was all wonky with the buydown in partial effect.
    [13:32] (You): the meters have all be lowered with the exception of vernian sea, which is a homestead so land works a bit different there.
    [13:32] (You): i do hope that helps out. i know some folks were barely hanging on
    [13:32] Hattie Panacek (hatris.panacek): each linden dollar saved is a good linden dollar! thank you Tenk
    [13:32] Rusalka Writer: Hear, hear.
    [13:32] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): yes, thank you
    [13:32] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Indeed!
    [13:33] Jimmy Branagh applauds and looks at the map
    [13:33] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager) nods  Great help

    [13:33] (You): i didn’t lower it as much as anticipated because the lindex started moving up last spring, shortly after the buydown was announced. hopefully it’s stabilazed now, it’s about where it used to be back when tier was based on 1000L for 468 prims (a standard 2048 sqm lot)
    [13:33] Beq Janus: I need the US exchange rate to take a nose dive like the pound did.

    [13:34] (You): keep in mind tier is based on prims here, not square meters. every sim has different multipliers, so land sizes are not standardized
    [13:34] (You): heee
    [13:34] (You): best occupancy is clockhaven, then new babbage sim
    [13:34] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): They tend to have the most character
    [13:34] (You): worst is quarry hill, then babbage canals. because capalini home furnishings had to move out over hardware difficulties. that was a lot of land
    [13:35] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): where does Wheatstone stand?
    [13:35] (You): quarry hill is the only sim in the red. so we’re not in any danger
    [13:35] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Does Quarry have the same rate as Vernian?
    [13:35] (You): somewhere in the middle. i can’t open a spreadsheet with this many people here without crashing

    [13:36] (You): vernian is actually at 100%, but i don’t count it like the others because the best it can do is break even.
    [13:36] (You): homesteads are not carried easily.
    [13:36] Gabrielle Riel: Homesteads suck, from an estate standpoint
    [13:36] (You): and for americans, i will take paypal and feed your meters if that is easier for you. get with me privately
    [13:37] Rusalka Writer: Interesting.
    [13:37] Beq Janus: Is that something that can be addressed? The issue around homesteads?

    [13:37] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Is there a reason that is just Americans?
    [13:37] Myrtil Igaly: cause of VAT
    [13:37] Gabrielle Riel: not unless LL lowers their cost and technical restrictions
    [13:37] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Ah
    [13:37] (You): i’ll base that on what i sell at, so right now $3.72 per 1000L
    [13:38] (You): because there are international fees
    when sending money across borders so i can’t say exactly what the rate is
    [13:38] (You): but we can talk
    [13:38] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss) nods “Better to feed it ourselves then probably.”
    [13:38] Beq Janus: yeah, beleive me you don;t want to get on the wrong end of FX at the moment

    [13:38] (You): right. that’s all i could think of while i was standing over there waiting for the top of the hour.
    [13:38] (You): rest of the hour you talk at me
    [13:39] Myrtil Igaly: I thought we were meant to stare!
    [13:39] (You): enjoy it
    [13:39] Gabrielle Riel: because he so loves that
    [13:39] Tepic Harlequin: oh.. on occupancy, there is still space in the Slums if anyone needs a tiny base home……

    [13:40] Jimmy Branagh: Pffft, I never think of questions until 3AM in the morning
    [13:40] (You): seriously, i’m only one fellow. i can’t make everything happen here without sacrificing my real life. and i don’t do that anymore. i like my new life out here on the mesa.
    [13:40] Myrtil Igaly: I can vouch for the Slums, very tidy homes
    [13:40] Rusalka Writer: And where are the slums?
    [13:40] (You): and i think everyone should be in that situation.

    [13:40] (You): next town hall will be in january
    [13:40] Jimmy Branagh: I will possibly investigate that after November
    [13:41] (You): and we’ll discuss oiling festival
    [13:41] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): So we should start thinking of festival ideas now and write them down
    [13:41] Tepic Harlequin: Babbage Canals (14,240,106)
    [13:41] Tepic Harlequin: is where the slums are :-)
    [13:41] (You): i keep a little note on my harddrive and write down things when i think of them all year
    [13:42] Rusalka Writer: Delightul. Many thanks.
    [13:42] Tepic Harlequin: drop me an im if interested
    [13:42] Rusalka Writer: Mahalo.

    [13:42] (You): oh, clue cards. they’re all done. talking with pumpkin now to work out how to distribute them. and please don’t be a jerk and game it. let it go on for a while.
    [13:42] Jimmy Branagh nods
    [13:42] (You): we all know how easy it is to game anything intended to be fun here….
    [13:43] Tepic Harlequin: looking forward to seeing the clue cards!
    [13:43] (You): i heard you’re wanted for questioning

    [13:43] (You): there are 93 cards
    [13:43] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Who’s in charge of the Clue game?
    [13:43] (You): 3 will be withheld.
    [13:43] (You): me
    [13:43] Myrtil Igaly: I’m sure Tepic is innocent
    [13:43] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Take out Queens Arms then
    [13:43] Tepic Harlequin: errrrr……… what of, Myrtil?
    [13:43] (You): you’ll have to follow in the forums to get the information
    [13:43] Beq Janus: Are those of us who n are part ouf the card deck in one form or other needing to put any objects out ?
    [13:43] Jimmy Branagh: Tepic’s a;ways innocent
    [13:43] (You): it already was, lady m
    [13:43] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): I did it! What was it?
    [13:44] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks) nods

    [13:44] (You): we had to dig up some old villains
    [13:44] Jimmy Branagh: As are all the urchins
    [13:44] Jimmy Branagh smiles angelically
    [13:44] Beq Janus: Tepic, if we search hard enoguh I am sure we can finsd at least one thing you are not guilty of….I think
    [13:44] (You): so i think you might learn a bit of city lore as you collect the cards
    [13:44] Tepic Harlequin: Thanks Miss Beq!

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 9, 2016

    [13:46] Beq Janus: Do we have to put out something if we are in some way included in the Clue game?
    [13:46] (You): no
    [13:46] Rusalka Writer: I shall have to read about this game.
    [13:46] (You): you just get to get blamed for stuff
    [13:46] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): lol
    [13:46] (You): it’s all in fun. let the trash talking commence
    [13:46] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles
    [13:46] Beq Janus: That’s fine, I’ve been blamed for most things in the 10 years I’ve been here

    [13:47] Tepic Harlequin mutters get blamed fer most stuff anyhows…..
    [13:47] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): or Victor, or Emerson
    [13:47] (You): i picked people that have thick hides. quite a few alts came forward
    [13:47] Beq Janus chuckles
    [13:47] (You): the dispensing machines will be in selected bars. it will be like the old seraph city card machines
    [13:47] (You): do you want textures, or prims for the cards?
    [13:47] (You): and what kind of perms?

    [13:48] Rusalka Writer: I have a bar. And alts to sacrifice.
    [13:48] Jimmy Branagh: Textyres
    [13:48] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): ;-)
    [13:48] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Could we have both?
    [13:48] (You): i was thinking transfer only so you could swap your duplicates
    [13:48] Jimmy Branagh: Can always put on a prim for display if we want
    [13:48] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Plenty alts
    [13:48] (You): they have to be loaded into the server one way or the other.
    [13:48] Beq Janus: if textures they need to be permed so we can rez them
    [13:48] (You): true
    [13:48] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Ah I see
    [13:48] (You): nothing more useless tahn a texure without perms
    [13:48] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte) laughs

    [13:49] (You): how about a trans-mod prim?
    [13:49] (You): no copy
    [13:49] Beq Janus: the SL version of snapchat
    [13:49] (You): so you can have swap meets
    [13:49] Beq Janus: trans mod works, though does card swapping have any meaning in Cluedo?

    [13:50] (You): i will have to announce all 93 items so you can know which is missing. i’ll do that over the BAR forums.
    [13:50] (You): i thought baout getting into some more game like rules with dice, but then decided to keep it simple as possible
    [13:50] Beq Janus: Can we get it as a notecard too? I so rarely get to read the bar
    [13:50] (You): *turtles*koff*

    [13:50] (You): want me to put it in hte engineers notes?
    [13:51] Beq Janus: that would work
    [13:51] (You): ok
    [13:51] (You): i can do that.
    [13:51] Beq Janus: I have nothing against the BAR but I just never foudn it useful
    [13:51] (You): will be a list of weapons found, people being called in as suspects, and you know where the bars are
    [13:51] (You): it’s not for everyone
    [13:51] (You): i can’t do twitter

    [13:52] Tepic Harlequin: The Sneaky Vole is still in the same place… fer now…..
    [13:52] (You): sneaky vole has been very stationalry lately

    [13:52] (You): thunder….
    [13:52] (You): ok. need to wrap this up
    [13:52] (You) makes a chatlog before crashing
    [13:52] (You): got a monsoon moving in
    [13:52] Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail): yikes
    [13:52] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Ugh
    [13:53] Beq Janus: keep safe and dry
    [13:53] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): wow
    [13:53] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): That was no fun
    [13:53] (You): that’s life in the high desert
    [13:53] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Already had one, thanks
    [13:53] (You): i’ll take monsoons over hurricanes
    [13:53] (You): this is me not caring about hurricane season every again!
    [13:53] (You) twirls like julie andrews
    [13:53] Jimmy Branagh: hehe
    [13:53] Gabrielle Riel snorts
    [13:53] Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail) laughs
    [13:53] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): hahaha
    [13:53] Myrtil Igaly: hehe
    [13:54] Beq Janus: you look good in red sparkly heels though mayor
    [13:54] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks) wishes portable cameras were invented
    [13:54] Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin  (misspussigalore): lol
    [13:54] (You): needs breezy’s twirl gesture
    [13:54] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): There’s a picture for you
    [13:54] Gabrielle Riel’s snorts turns into a snort-giggle
    [13:54] Tepic Harlequin: portable cameras is invented! yer just need a couple of pack mules….
    [13:54] Beq Janus: omg, he’s breezy’s alt
    [13:54] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): ha

    [13:54] (You): still need a pumpkin king or queen for trick or treats
    [13:55] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): let’s nominate an urchin
    [13:55] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): i might have a dress to fit Myrtil
    [13:55] Myrtil Igaly: I’m not wearing dresses!
    [13:55] (You): that’s the spirit
    [13:55] Beq Janus: nominate, as in frame
    [13:55] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks) laughs
    [13:56] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    [13:56] Myrtil Igaly: I’d help but I really have not much time inworld
    [13:56] (You): wait.. i have a picture of you in a dress
    [13:56] Myrtil Igaly: That was a fake I’m sure
    [13:56] Jimmy Branagh: My time is also iffy
    [13:56] Jimmy Branagh: That leaves Tepic!
    [13:56] Jimmy Branagh points
    [13:56] Myrtil Igaly: hehe
    [13:56] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): Or Loki, then he can’t get into ‘that’ much trouble.
    [13:57] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager) doesn’t try to keep a straight face

    [13:57] (You): tepic, go steal a jack o lantern
    [13:57] Tepic Harlequin: i an’t wearin a dress!
    [13:57] Larlotte Falconer (larlotte): Where’s Blossom?
    [13:57] Myrtil Igaly: She’s probably been kidnapped by Creaky Gloom
    [13:57] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): Again?
    [13:57] Jimmy Branagh: Maybe she finally got to Creaky, and became a sammich’
    [13:57] (You): oh, right, roleplay
    [13:57] Myrtil Igaly: I’m sure

    [13:58] (You): there seems to be a lot of roleplay going on right now, and i’m not hearing about it
    [13:58] (You): which means you are doing it right
    [13:58] (You): carry on like that
    [13:58] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Heh
    [13:58] Tepic Harlequin: hehehehe
    [13:58] Juliette Moldylocks (moldylocks): lol
    [13:58] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager) nods
    [13:58] Russell A. Firecrest (adventureruss): Do my best
    [13:58] (You): i did have to ask the asylum to turn down the publicity on what they do because… well, this is the internet. it’s hard to tell if you are being serious or not whne you start joking about meds.

    [13:59] (You): what happens in the asylum stays in the asylum
    [13:59] (You): or the wronnnng person will walk in on that chat without context and it will completley blow up! trust me on that.
    [13:59] Rusalka Writer: oh, dear.
    [14:00] (You): not that i have a problem with what goes on in there
    [14:00] Beryl Strifeclaw (gager): The same with the hospital actually.  Meds are not a good topic in steam chat
    [14:00] (You): i just don’t want to hear about all the details
    [14:00] (You): never
    [14:00] (You): because… internet

    [14:01] (You): and top of the hour. that’s all folks. see you again in january
    [14:01] Myrtil Igaly: Thanks Mayor!

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