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Everything is Perfectly Fine

Mr. Solo speaks — using building-mounted sound amplifiers — to Academy residents and visitors:

“*Ahem* Good day, everyone, and a pleasant afternoon to you all! This is Mr. Solo, manager of Shockley Hall, where, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the facility’s emergency security armor has just been fully deployed. There is, however, no cause for even the slightest bit of alarm!”

“No cause for alarm? Are you serious?”

Quiet, Bigby… they can hear you! As I was saying, the security shielding activated automatically to ensure containment of a recent experiment that went ever so slightly awry. And threatened to break through the brick exterior.”

“You sure that thing can’t get through iron? It ate a whole desk! And Mr Finlay!!”

Then we’ll worry about it when it gets hungry again… now shut it! *Ahem* I assure you, citizens, this is a completely routine procedure put in place merely as a precaution for your safety. Everything is well under control. No one (outside of this building) should feel the least little bit imperiled by our futuristic devices, our cuddly mutates our…” 

“… pathogens that make bubonic plague look like hay fever.”

OUT OF MY OFFICE, BIGBY!! Go help reload the crossbows.

“Because shooting exploding arrows at monsters in a confined space always makes everything better.”

I WILL GOUGE OUT YOUR EYES WITH MY THUMBS!! GET OUT!!! As I was saying, dear neighbors, I and my staff are more than equipped to sort out this current difficulty within the institute. And, whilst awaiting representatives from SIMCo headquarters who will arrive any day now with the mechanisms required to unseal the building, you needn’t spare a moment’s worry about me or my fellow employees as we are more than adequately supplied to carry on until our release.” 

“With what I’m sure will be only a minimum amount of cannibalism.”

So, rest easy, Babbage. Everything is perfectly fine here at Shockley Hall! Have a super day!”


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  1. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna November 12, 2014

    Cyan thinks about the message for a second and nods “So good to be back in Babbage again.”

  2. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh November 13, 2014

    Oy suspect th’ guests at th’ Brunel ‘ave nuffin’ ta worry about …

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