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Time Travelers Tea Dance 1-3pm SLT

Date(s) - Dec 02, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


After hearing Valentine Wolfe’s The Elegiac Repose last month intertwined with some more spooky pieces of traditional classical music, this month we will definitely be leaning into something more STEAMPUNK for the first portion of our musical programme as we hear an original contemporary symphonic composition and then travel back in time for some late 19th century pieces that became the precursor and inspiration for some of the modern ambient music genre many of us enjoy today. We will finish out with a couple of Fauve’s favorite Philip Glass selections. Join us on the Time-Traveling musical journey!

NOTE: The Steam Santa Ball later this month will feature a traditional selection of Holiday Music, never fear!

Every 1st Saturday of the month the Piermont Landing presents The Time Travelers Tea Dance from 1-3PM. Please join us as we dance on the Airship Landing at the Southwest Corner of New Babbage in Wheatstone Waterways . We shall dance our cares away listening to a wide variety of classical and symphonic music from ancient sounds to contemporary compositions. Mr Aberdon Enigma and Miss Fauve Aeon welcome you along with Musical Maestra Nellie Wilde to come and pass a pleasant time with us each month at the Piermont Landing and Champagne Lounge.

Dress Code: Formal attire from any Era. Dress Military and National Costume are welcome and encouraged as are the more formal fashion substyles. Bits, breasts and bums should be out of view per the Estate covenant for public areas. Please remember to detach unnecessary scripted items.

The Piermont Landing is always open with a Champagne Lounge on the mezzanine featuring fresh Oysters and Mussels delivered daily from the Vernian Sea via Port Babbage. The Upper Deck is a public Airship launch and landing space and you are welcome to launch an LTA craft from the rezzer or take to the skies with a Flappter. Size limits for rezzed craft within the city are 32LI. Anything larger can be launched here as an attachable vehicle only please – or safely rezzed, launched and flown up North of the City walls.

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