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New Babbage Winter Faire – 2019

Date(s) - Dec 05, 2019 - Jan 05, 2020
12:00 am

Hi folks!

From December 5th running until the twelfth night (Jan 5th, 2020) the New Babbage Winter Faire will take place on the new Blackberry Fields region north of the Academy of Industry. It will be a Steampunk based event with tents or temp wooden booths set up on the snow covered ground level, a marquee landing point on the hill at the back of the region looking down on the faire itself, and a skating area in the center.

There will be between 40 to 60 tents and temporary stands set up on the region for creators and shops to sell their items laid out in two rings circling the skating area in the middle.

Shops who have a main store, or satellite store within the confines of the City State of New Babbage can get a standard stall (or tent) for free, and will also be invited to take part in the New Babbage Winter Faire Hunt which will be a hunt solely based within the 12 regions of the city. The items for sale at the fair should of course be along two main themes. Steampunk and/or Victorian era. The majority of the items on sale at the stand have to be within the Steampunk or Victorian theme, because hey, the event is taking place in a Steampunk city. The event like the city is RP optional, however with the numbers of folks from outside New Babbage who will be visiting, the Faire itself will be a NON RP environment.

Sponsor stalls, which are also the larger stalls, are in a very limited number, so its a case of first come, first get.

===Stand Sizes===

Sponsor, 250LI (large 16×30, 5 max, *1500L$*)

Sponsor, 150LI (normal 16×22 5 max *750L$*)

Standard tents/stalls, 75LI 12×12 (free for New Babbage shops, or shops with a satellite store within the city, otherwise *400L$*)

Skating Rink Mini Vendors, 10LI, 3×3 (max of 2 items for sale free for New Babbage shops and residents, or shops with a satellite store within the city, otherwise *100L$*)

===Event Rules For Vendors===

No adult vendor images, or adult rated items rezzed (its a Moderate rated region)

The majority (in other words over half) of the items being sold in your tent/stall has to be Steampunk or mainstream Victorian in theme.

1 event exclusive item, item can also be sold after the event at your own shop/marketplace (in other words, it does not have to be an event ONLY exclusive).

If you are going to have Gatcha’s out in your stall, limit it to only one as this is not a Gatcha event.

Original items by you or your brand only (no resell vendors).

Stall’s must be finished by the evening of December 3rd, and taken down (at the end of the event) by the evening of Jan 7th

===New Babbage Winter Faire Hunt===

New Babbage based shops wishing to take part in the Winter Faire hunt must have their hunt item out by the evening of December 2nd

Item must be in the mesh hammer provided,

Item can be an exclusive to the hunt if you wish, if not, it still has to be themed around New Babbage, or be Steampunk/Victorian or whimsical…cause we all love whimsical in the city.. Remember, if it all goes the way these seasonal events usually go, the hunt will bring a LOT of foot traffic into your store, so make sure your store vendors are up to date.

For more information, or to book your stand or sponsorship, contact Victor1st Mornington inworld or drop me an email to

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