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Aether Salon: Prongs! with the Citizens of New Babbage

Date(s) - Feb 20, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

On February 13th, a young Babbage ruffian named Bob shared a podcast titled “Inventions that didn’t change the world: a history of Victorian curiosities”, which stated, in part,

“According to the advice writer Mrs Loftie, writing in the journal Art at Home in 1876, there was heated debate over ‘the knife and fork question’, and ‘a serious question anxiously debated at dinner parties as to the superiority of three prongs to four. The ‘three prongians’ hold their own against the ‘four-prongians’ except in the matter of young peas’.”

Within moments a heated argument broke out in the New Babbage Discord. Before this had a chance to escalate to full-out war, I managed, at risk of my own life, to convince everyone to bring their logic, research, and opinions to the Aether Salon on Sunday, February 20th at 2pm slt.

Both sides (or possibly four-five sides, if any two-tiners or heaven help us, singletiners show up. We do not expect any Fivers. I mean really) shall attempt to convince the crowd to join their cause. May the most logically-endowed implement win.

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