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Dreaming of a Better World

(“The Journey” – link to the original)

(“Escape Plan B” – link to the original)


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 11, 2010

    I like the artwork, although technically the spiked legs will simply punch through the banana skins and so the giant war machine will not fall over.

    In these situations it is traditionally recommend to use large amounts of explosives, another giant war machine or maybe a Tesla cannon. However I think that my favorite solution would be to generate a portal under the machine and send it tumbling into a swamp. Portal technology is potentially rather useful when deployed in such circumstances.

    • MichaelD Mannonen MichaelD Mannonen September 11, 2010

      Miss Falcon, is your middle name GLaDOS by any chance?

  2. Wiggy Undertone Wiggy Undertone September 14, 2010

    That looks like Doctor O on the big robot in the second image.  And CeeJay throwing bananas!  I’m not sure who the chubby guy is who’s driving the monocycle though.

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