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Drawing a Line

I just wanted to make a quick statement that i`m not an alt, nor am i some sinister player trying to creep their way back into the babbage community in disguise. I was quite touched at first that people should think i`d picked up some skills quickly, but it has now descended into snide sarcasm and some people becoming nasty in personal messages.

I received one message asking how i felt to be “universally loathed” and when i said i was not this kicked out player, the reply was “hehe, funny”.

Some people have started referring to me as “Karina”, who i presume to be the player who was personal non grata.

This being becaus i asked on the channel about religion, havng run into a player in new Baritaria who plays a “free automata”. I was told that the posters i saw there started in babbage, so in trying to find out more, i triggered another round of personal attacks and suspicion.

This has spread to newbies i have been helping to. I ran into one called pecansandy at the new babbage sandbox and helped her find her feet, with some basic building and second life tips. I treated her well and invited her to the babbage channel as a potential new person to the community. The reaction to her was so hostile that she got a very bad impression and despite my best efforts was very much scared off.

I can understand that some players have hurt this community in the past, but to assume that all newcomers are those players in disguise is not going to help babbage grow in the least. This attitude must stop.



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  1. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart June 3, 2011

    I always treat newcomers well and will happily answer questions as my other tasks permit.  I can’t speak for others.  Frankly I think it’s quite rude to assume things about a person without knowing anything of them or simply asking them first, but the one thing about all of us in New Babbage is that there’s a real human behind the keyboard, with all of the pros and cons that go with that.



  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer June 3, 2011

    I will say this as gently as I can, based on my one encounter with you.  And I say this in the spirit of helpfulness.  Firstly, I can’t know anything about your alt-status or not, as we all have to take each other at face value in this medium.  It’s a moot point to me as I know and love quite a few alts and have some of my own.

    What concerned me on my first encounter with you was your seeming disregard of what’s come before you.  In your How to Write and Publish post ( ) it was mentioned that The Primgraph had ceased publishing.  Your response was “As to the fate of the Primgraph, thats an interesting thing indeed and it may be no coincidence that my appearance here and this request is timed as such a publication dies out. Perhaps it will rise again and will require assistance to do so, in which case i will be ably placed to assist”.  

    I ask you frankly now… had you even heard of The Primgraph before making that statement?  I was alerted to the post and came to see what was going on.  The inference that we had ‘died out’ and that your arrival would save our tushes (or that the Primgraph brand would be revived under your leadership) alarmed me.  I did my best to speak gently and let you know that The Primgraph existed as a blog as well… and you replied “Perhaps as a blog, however, it will excel and i hope that such a format will make it more available to those who are not naturally dwelling in second life itself.”

    Again, I gently gave you some backhistory as to the depth and richness that our blog held, to shed light on the assumption that it was something we scrambled together to replace our magazine.

    I bring this exchange to the disucssion as it illustrates what may be happening here.  You’re new. VERY new.  I checked your rezdate when the above exchange was going on.  You learned to build rapidly – got no problem with that.  You found your way around SL and it’s workings quickly – no problem there either.  Some people are very quick learners.

    But when diving headlong into a well established community with a rich history (and it’s share of past triumphs and troubles), it is a good idea to listen a lot more than you speak.  It unnerves people to hear constant talk of ‘what we need’ and ‘let’s talk about *insert topic that’s gone wrong before*”.  There is simply no way you could know the nuances and personality of New Babbage one week into your SL experience.  

    My advice is to slow down.  Don’t come on so strong.  Listen thrice as much as you speak. And when you do wish to propel yourself into a project, take the time to speak to those who may already be invested, one on one, rather than dropping it outright into a public forum.  We’re human. We get nervous about things we’ve put heart and soul into . Take some time to get in tune with us. THEN you can sing along in harmony.

    • Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio June 4, 2011

      I’d second that advice.

      Granted, I haven’t really gotten a chance to know you, but Ceejay usually gives some good advice.

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk June 4, 2011

    I might be able to shed some light on this… your building style and habits  are very similiar to someone who disappeared at the same time you appeared. this person wasn’t banned, just moved on and later ejected from the land group because she was prone to not cleaning up after herself in the sandbox. you have have a lot of similarities, but this isn’t too hard in nerd culture. anyone who has traveled on the con circuit knows that where-ever you go, you keep meeting the same people, but with different names.

  4. Nathaniel Lorefield Nathaniel Lorefield June 4, 2011

    I must agree that assuming that everyone new is an alt of past enemies will lead to disaster; I watched it happen in Antiquity too many times. Even if someone is an alt I believe they deserve a chance as long as they cause no major trouble. That being said, one must always be careful to not make too many waves when entering an unfamiliar environment until they have become familiar with the ins and outs of the existing community. It is way too easy to offend someone accidentally by making statements before checking with them so Ceejays advice is sound: listen  before you dive into the action. This applies to RL as well (not that I know from experience or anything …).

  5. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 4, 2011


    raises my hand here ..

    Passion and Heart are powerful means .. One can not judge, dictate nor control an other’s passion .. Kudos to those that have the gift and means to express themselves in building and or writing format !

    Some of us do better with eye contact and in the flesh !

    Point: to all, we can not see one an other’s eyes, even know who is male and female on this thing .. Although after time the truth always comes out .

    New Babbage is a Steam punk Community and One of several In active Steam Nations . many of us have known one another for years and choose to say be acquaintances .. keep our distance but still be polite with Respect .

    Some don’t speak for months and are tight as can be :)

    some are daily chatters ..

    First Impressions work both ways . Remember that folks .. When one question another motives or intentions chances are A Guarded heart and soul are doing the same .

    There was a time when such conversation would be done quietly between the parties It effects .. Many of us have been through the alt roll ..

    To be honest, My own real life is complicated enough atm I don’t have time to keep note books on and for the grid .. smiles but that is just moi .. For others it is honestly their own enjoyment :) .. Even an art form .. and I for one can respect that .

    I personally don’t do Deception of altered characters on my computer, to be made the fool .. but that is just me .. :) .. (( whispers I don’t think anyone  likes deception that makes them feel like a fool . ))

    Just remember people do chat and everyone isn’t always the fool one might think …


  6. Enoch Harris Enoch Harris June 4, 2011

    I can be pretty sure that LC is not an alt of somebody who was here before. When Vinter first bumped into her a few weeks ago, she looked very different and not very steampunk. In fact, she was wearing a box and three sets of hair. Vinter gave her a crash course on putting on clothes, had her switch to Pheonix, and all the usual stuff you do with a noob.

    If she did RP all that, then kudos… but I seriously doubt it.



    If you are as serious about this as you appear to be, then you are going to be here for the long haul, so you have all the time in the world. Maybe you should slow down a little. 

    It seems to me that New Babbage has a pace and tempo of it’s own, based on the amount of time the players are able to spend in world. 

  7. Aeolus Cleanslate Aeolus Cleanslate June 4, 2011

    I’m afraid I have to take Lady Chronometria’s side (not that there are “sides,” just a different point of view) in this. Taking for a moment that she is who she says she is (and Ceejay is right that we have no choice but to take each other at face value until we have evidence to the contrary), of *course* she didn’t know the history of the Primgraph, or how her remarks would be perceived to those connected with the issue. Of *course* she wants to contribute to the community with her RL skills. Of *course* she sees ways to improve New Babbage and believes she can help.  The more enthusiastic and engaged and intrigued one is, the more likely one is to fall over some invisible social boundary at first. These are *precisely* the kinds of Babbagers we need more of.

    I’ve seen this happen in online (and RL) communities before: more established members believe they deserve credibility and respect because of their past contributions, and are easily offended when others – especially new arrivals – without a *clue* about the history presume to treat them as equals. The more senior folks discount critiques or opinions or ideas based solely on the new arrival’s lack of history. They use their established social networks to color the way others perceive the new arrival. If you’re new to New Babbage, it takes a lot to push past this kind of treatment and stay long enough to learn the ropes.

    This is a big reason why Babbage is suffering, folks. (Have you *seen* all the vacant land out there?*) We need to put the thin skins on hold and encourage enthusiastic new arrivals to feel comfortable and stay – despite their gaffes. Sure, they have an obligation to learn the rules, but if we chase them out before they can do so it’s US who suffer.

    And I say this to Lady Chronometria: don’t be offended. Unthinking comments in chat are unfortunately common during your early days, and Babbagers are a prickly bunch. If you keep your head down a bit and push through this period, it will be worth it. 

  8. Doctor Obolensky Doctor Obolensky June 4, 2011

       I had this sort of experience when I first arrived in SL, years ago.    Des found me a nice starter spot in Caledon, and I started building away.     Before I had my first tiny lair created, I faced accusations that I was an alt, because I got good at building “too quickly”.

       When I came to Babbage, I ran into the same sort of thing, but I don’t think it was based on building this time.   Just someone proclaiming loudly that they *knew* I was an alt of someone else.

       I’ve had alts since, but Doc was my first identity on SL.  (Although, he looked a bit different for the first couple weeks. :P )

       My personal take on alts is this…. I don’t know any.   If you tell me about yours or someone else’s, I didn’t hear it.   I treat each AV that I meet in SL as a separate person.    I really do recommend this approach, it makes things both simpler, and involves less Drama.

      I’ve had people threaten to reveal my alts….and at least half the time it *wasn’t* one of my alts.    So be careful when you make that sort of accusation/threat.

     (For the record, my alts include: a fairly well-known land baron, a saucy gay voice escort, a emo mouse girl, Bookworm Heinrichs, Ensign Duke of Star Fleet Engineering, Gilhooly Skute, Torgo the White, Phaedra Underby,  Infernus – the Vampire Lord of Eternia, Noodle the Goblin Watchmaker, a random otter, and Tiny Tin.    Some of these are just me lying.   Or maybe all of them are.   Or maybe all of them are true.   Does it really matter?  Remember what happens when you assume.)

    • Aeolus Cleanslate Aeolus Cleanslate June 4, 2011

      I’M ONE OF DOC’S ALTS TOO! (Shouted like the “I am Spartacus” line)

    • Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse June 4, 2011

      Everyone knows that I am really just Edward’s alt. ;-)

      • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger June 6, 2011

        I thought he was your alt…

        • Edward Pearse Edward Pearse June 7, 2011

          No I’m secretly Torley’s alt.

    • Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 4, 2011

      quietly reading (( after running and sitting in traffic )) .

      Almost spits out my latte …..  Gosh YOU are Priceless !!!  ;p

  9. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly June 4, 2011

    I’m sorry that happened to you Lady C. 

    Unless the person from the past was downright malicious, even if you were the same person, starting fresh to “get it right” would be no crime and so much the better.  At work we have a policy when people are banned from our site’s community. Even if someone contacts us about them being a new screen name, we won’t take action unless they start up.

    If someone had done some really nasty things to people and hurt them, then yeah that’s not the same as a couple of community violations and an attitude spazz.

    However malicious may be a word I’d use to describe the type of people who send verbal abuses to people they assume are someone else.  If they cannot be mature enough to address another civilized adult and discuss it, then they’re no better than the original offender.

    IMHO of course.

    Also I’m with Doc. If people come on as a persona, I respect that and I am addressing their persona and that’s always what counts inworld. It comes down to how we present ourselves and what we do.

  10. Lady Chronometria Cogshine Lady Chronometria Cogshine June 4, 2011

    I`d like to say thankyou for the comments thus far. I respect them and feel them to be fair. I acknowledge that i`ve been somewhat clumsy in my attempts to find my feet, largely as i am one for having great enthusiasm for an idea, but my attention span is rather changeable. This shows in my building, where i set out to make a flying battleship the other day, then a hovering car and eventually a rather spiffy steampunk UFO, all as the idea kept changing as i went along.

    This is largely how i learn. Battleship was too large for 30 prims, then i tried a smaller one but that was boring, then i learned about sculpted objects and eventually used those to make something that worked. Now i could take what i learned about sculpts and go back to the battleship, but i had to take a very roundabout route to learn what i needed to get there.

    If that makes any sense.

    The same with money. I was told what a money tree was and decided they were the next big thing. Then i realised they sucked. Then someone told me about trivia events where you could be social and compete for lindens…..Then i found out about shop hunts and had a whale of a time on the silk road hunt, but i would never have gotten there without running into the idea of money trees.

    So my comment on another forum post about freedonia, that said “lets tell all the newbies about money trees” became out of date in about 3 days, purely because i`m learning at a very fast rate and didnt know about things like trivia and hunts at the time.

    Most of these things i am being told by others. So when i mentioned the interesting RP story about “automata rights” posters i saw on the wall of new baritaria, others told me they started in babbage. This is just another example of me running into old issues and apparent “problem topics” without any knowledge that would help me avoid them. It’s like a field of landmines, i cannot know what topics  not to talk about. Things started in babbage have moved elsewhere in the community. Even if i am in another sim entirely, it seems i can hit a babbage issue and new baritaria is apparently a very new community.

    I try to spend as much time as i can out in public at the sandbox near the academy and this means i run into a lot of visitors and many of them are newbies, often to second life itself. I try my best to give them a welcome and to offer some help. Babbage needs new people, especially where there are areas like baritaria that are setting up. They will be competing with us to attract those people and the first helping hand makes a big difference. Each newbie also attracts and spreads the word to others looking for a home, in turn offering help as they were helped themselves.

    Babbage is about more than just pretty buildings. Its about the people who live in them and who walk through its streets. Without those people, there is no point in having a single prim or texture, no matter how well made.


  11. Lady Chronometria Cogshine Lady Chronometria Cogshine June 4, 2011

    As an addition, there are many good people in babbage. Many people have offered me help, with building or just a friendly chat and a hello. So none of this is a rant directed at those people.

    Mainly its directed towards the ones who wont be posting here, because they dont have the courage to say what they feel directly in a post like this.

    When i did some checking, i found the harshest words IM’d to me came through a character that has only recently joined these forums. So whoever is accusing me of being someone else, is themselves hiding behind an alt to do it. They should man up and have the backbone to say their words themselves.


    • Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain June 4, 2011

      I have left this thread alone because so far it has been peaceful.

      However, since that second line in this particular comment seems like a direct challenge,  do mind attempting to call people in and asking them to be directly antagonistic. My job the past few months has been remarkably easy because everyone knows and understands the boundaries of this forum. 

      If you are looking to open a dialogue, that’s fine. But if you’re looking to start a fight on here be mindful that myself and my fellow moderators will have to step in. 

      Fight in-world, leave it off my forums.


      *goes back to her game of cards*


    • Fono Heninga Fono Heninga June 5, 2011

      When i did some checking, i found the harshest words IM’d to me came through a character that has only recently joined these forums. So whoever is accusing me of being someone else, is themselves hiding behind an alt to do it. They should man up and have the backbone to say their words themselves.”


      …I’m confused. Isn’t that just what the topic of your post has been about? That you felt others were treating you like?


      Regarding “They should man up and have the backbone to say their words themselves.”, which ‘themselves’ are you thinking of? The person’s avatar name in-world? The person at the keyboard? Legal or personal names are no guarantee to bravery or veracity, any more than anonymity, a pseudonym or an alt are an indication of cowardice, untruths, or deceit. (Long story short: I can heartily recommend Doc. O’s approach above; take ’em as they come.)

  12. Leia Rossini Leia Rossini June 4, 2011

    I’ve been contemplating how precisely to respond to this thread as there are nuggets of gold in each comment that should be listened to, both by players new and old, and those who admin.  I have two hats:  one as an admin elsewhere and one as a newcomer to babbage.  I will share a few scribbles wearing both hats, so pardon the length of the post.

    *puts on her practical admin hat (akin to a construction hard hat for the knocks it gets)

    I’ve co-owned one and been an admin on a couple of RP sims–sims with a similar combination of quality builds, quality RP and an engaged community. It included high expectations that few new RPers and certainly newbies often failed to meet. Those who were willing to look, listen, learn and participate succeeded.  We were often considered the more “elite” of BSG (battlestar galactica) sims.  

    As one of the more player-focused admins on the team I was often called the “green-dot-huntress” in that I would reach out to engage newcomers proactively, whether a mere tourist or serious RP’er.  I often had them ridealong the back of my scooter with city tours…it took time and for those that applied and played, it was worth it. 

    Character alts are a-okay with me–sometimes they are needed to NPC or move stories along and can be a fun deviation from a main character.  I have one and used her expressly for that purpose–though, poor thing, she has a paltry wardrobe and has been asleep for months.  I understand and can relate to the challenges with griefer types or those truly evil “toxic alts” that only join to stir things negatively and contribute nothing–I have zero tolerance for that type of behavior and am quick to sniff out/ban/eject those types.  

    That said, it is one thing to bring in a player, yet another to keep them. 

    *takes off her hardhat and puts on her pretty Grim Bros. hat

    As one new to Babbage, my own approach is akin to those noted in the first reply post.  I’ve been getting-to-know things by participating in events, exploring the set, reading stories and character profiles, chirping in on group chat, or replying to the odd post here…  Before I even snapped my forum pic, registered here on the forums or selected what character archetype to play, I loitered a little on sim to see if this was a community I wanted to join.  I am still getting to know what is where and who is what, and whether this is a place I should expend some of my creative energy and lindens.  The “whether” is because it isn’t the most welcoming of communities; Aeolus’ observation of “prickly” is one I concur with. 

    In the several weeks of perusing shops, admiring and exploring the fabulous builds, participating in events, selecting real estate, I have had precisely 20 minutes of quality RP. The first with Mr. Cleanslate when renting a room in the Hotel Excelsior, the second just the other night with Brother L who passed by as I was sitting al fresco alongside the hotel.   And it is not for lack of effort.

    So, I guess my final comment here is…that if you see me on-sim, I may discreetly tap you in IM to see if you are up for RP or if in speaking range, will say a word or two in greeting… and feel free to do the same if you see me loitering around, I may have my eyeballs in a photoshop or IM window.  


    • Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart June 4, 2011

      Tap me anytime.  I’m very tappable.

  13. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse June 4, 2011

    Lady C,

    Let me express my sincere regret that you have had a bit of a rough time in Babbage.  I am sorry that you seem to have met some of our more blunt residents in your short time here. While I am not a newbie in SL by any stretch of the imagination, I am relatively new to Babbage and am still attempting to integrate myself into the community.  I have found it to be a slow process, partly because I’ve not been out and about as much as I would like, partly because I am not much of a RP’er and partly because I am sussing out the community. 

    I have found that Babbage is a challenge, due to the rich tapestry of all of the stories, back stories, and general life of the community.  I’m forever pestering people (mostly in IM) about what is going on about a certain story….for example, I had no idea who Dizelle was until very recently when one of my friends was able to give me a little background.  I generally try to keep my mouth shut and my ears and eyes open to learn so that I don’t misstep.  However, I am feeling more like a part of things in Babbage, but it has been a slow process.

    In regards to newcomers, I agree that we need to be more welcoming.  That doesn’t necessarily mean killing ourselves by bending over backwards or rolling out the red carpet, but just pausing to say hello or offer a few LM’s of your favorite places in Babbage doesn’t hurt.  You might be that person that the newbie IM’s to ask what is going on so that they don’t commit a huge social blunder or if they have, you can offer them suggestions so they can maybe correct it.  It’s hard to know how to fix something when you have no idea what you did wrong.  It also means that those of us who live in Babbage might have to be a little forgiving or thicker skinned.  If your character is a crusty old boot and snarks at a newcomer for something, perhaps sending a quick IM saying that you are in character and that you aren’t really mad at them might be useful.  We *need* new blood.  When I look at the city map and see the amount of red blocks on it, I am concerned.  Also, people tend to take constructive criticism or help better if it’s offered in a friendly/kindly manner.

    Babbage has a lot of alts (I would assume).  This is not a bad thing as I believe having a wide variety of characters in a community gives it depth.  Accusing people of being Mr. Z’s alt, however, is rude.  I will admit, I enjoy meeting someone new and I do wonder if they are the alt of someone I already know.  Unless this is revealed to me though by that person, I treat them as their own person and enjoy mulling their identity over in my mind.  

    Anyhow, those are my thoughts on this issue.  Hopefully your friend was able to hang in there past any verbal barrage she/he might have received.  Please keep in mind that sometimes text loses the true message as it’s flat.  What might have been written in jest could be read entirely differently.  I would suggest as Ms. Writer has stated, to maybe slow down a little and ask questions.  I’m sure your skills will be needed sooner than later and you’ll be put to good use. :-)

  14. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain June 4, 2011

    Admittedly, we can be a hard group to get a handle on. For one thing, because we are not an RP enforced sim, we oscillate constantly between the IC and the OOC, which can be confusing for someone new to the sim (and yes, a little isolating, since most of the time we do know each-other quite well OOCly, but isn’t that true for any new group of people you meet, either in RL or SL?).  Just last night myself and Mr. Underby and a few others were having a little casual RP, then someone we hadn’t seen in ages showed up and, without warning, we switched OOC and chatted for half an hour about the inane, catching up and then, unexpectedly, we were all back IC again.

    There are a lot of ways that things can be misinterpreted. Kaylee and myself and a few others often idle on SL while working in other screens, only popping in to chat when we need a break.  This means it’s possible you could show-up to chat with a group of four or five people and no one would even notice you were there until ten or twenty minutes or longer after you arrived. Work parties are pretty common this close to finals. I can remember quite distinctly that once I got a very hurt IM from someone asking “Why do you and Kaylee always go silent when I’m around?” It was only when I pasted the chat transcript showing that kaylee and I had spoken approximately four sentences to each-other in the space of an hour that they understood it wasn’t them, that it was just how we are. 

    I think another problem is that the community which you see in the Steampunks of New Babbage group is not necissarily the community which is living here in the city. There are a number of regular people in Steampunks whose avatars I have never seen in the city. Ever. If you want to get to know us the thing to do is to dot-hunt. Which I did ALL the time when I was a newb in what I sometimes call my ‘lurker’ stage. 

    Frankly, I don’t know you, Chrono. I’ve never seen you outside of Steampunks or in a casual situation which might encourage some sort of interaction (large, crowded, events like the balls don’t really count). I do remember you once came into the Gangplank but then TPed away without saying a word after only a few moments (that was the night we were playing SLACRO and I had invited everyone over to join in, I believe). In my mind the people I know in Steampunks (given that it is an OOC forum) are not the people I know inside the city. 

    Why don’t you try dropping by to visit sometime and see how that goes. I’ve always maintained an open-door policy on the apartment at the Gangplank, so no one needs to be afraid that if they see my avatar lounging around on the sofa reading that they are interrupting my private time. 

    Though, of course, I  may be writing or working in another screen, so you may need to drop me an IM to get my attention if I haven’t acknowledged you within a few moments. 

    • Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 4, 2011

      “And I say this to Lady Chronometria: don’t be offended. Unthinking comments in chat are unfortunately common during your early days, and Babbagers are a prickly bunch. If you keep your head down a bit and push through this period, it will be worth it. “


      ((Now that’s an understatement …..   grins the thought of New Babbage Welcome Wagons indeed ..    i wouldn’t say days .. I would say first year :p

      grabs latte twirls back out to the  rl  gardens stage .. um right .. yes  to the right :) ..))

  15. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox June 4, 2011

    I must confess – I am also one of Doc O’s alts.  ;-)

    I didn’t know this Karina person.  But, I’ve liked what I’ve seen of you so far.

  16. Lady Chronometria Cogshine Lady Chronometria Cogshine June 5, 2011

    I think this topic has served its purpose. That purpose being primarily self defence on my part and secondarily being the issue of newbies such as my friend pecan.

    I am happy for this topic to be closed.

  17. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 5, 2011

    ***  whispers *** nothing personal here  ****  but good to know ***

    Just for the record  .. it is  a Huge  *Good Thing* ie **enjoyable and  means no harm**

    when New Babbagers in their own original ways …   Hijack A thread ..  also, something that make many of  us smile :) ..

  18. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire June 5, 2011

    Might I also add that sometimes people assume that just because you’re new to Babbage that you’re completely new to SL? I’ve had that issue myself.

    I joined SL four years or so ago. It was mainly becuase my bf at the time wanted me to and I made a few friends, but I didn’t have any RP groups or any real need for it. A while back, I was watching Satu interacting in Babbage and I suddenly felt like dusting off SL, making a new character, and getting back into it. I wanted the challenge of playing in a cool place like Babbage. So I made Maddox, my love made Arnold, and away we went into introducing ourselves in this lovely, grimy, clockwork world.

    And yeah, it’s been a little hard, but I RP frequently, so I know how to switch from IC to OOC really quickly. Just as I know that not everyone does know that. That’s when I ask someone who’s been here a while to maybe guide the other person and show them, because I would have loved someone to teach me when I first got to SL. And no, I know nothing about building things… I’m just not that technically endowed. I may learn at some point, if there’s something I desire to build, but just for now, I’ll wait. I’m fine with RPing and talking to some of the wonderful characters I meet and their typists.

    As for ultimately assuming that someone is an alt with rude intentions and schemes right away? That’s just paranoid. I take Doc O’s stance as well. Every av I meet is someone different, with their own thoughts and feelings and I do my best to make judgement calls OOC. IC, I leave that to Maddox. After all, she’s the one who has to live in Babbage. (smile)

    Oh, and as a tiny bit of issue I found: Just because you don’t like the person’s character does not mean that you know anything about their typist. Av and Typist might not be the same kind of person. Which is why alts exist, I assume. :-)

    • Arnold -Gager- Arnold -Gager- June 5, 2011

      I heard someone thought I was an alt at some point, though to be honest I was amused at the idea.  Unlike Miss Sinclaire here, I’d never had any intention of ever getting on Second Life ever till a week or so before we did.  Ever.

      Oh well, I’m glad I did, that’s the important thing.

  19. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly June 6, 2011

    I think if you want more people to take a shine to New Babbage, the folks will have to be a little less “prickly”

    • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger June 8, 2011

      New Babbage has been prickly for as long as I’ve been here.  I came to town in the Spring of 08, and in the first two months met a few people who were outright unfriendly, and in opposition to that made a few friends who are still with me today.

      Without rehashing everything that has been said, New Babbage is a place where you meet the city on her terms first, rather than you trying to have the city meet you.  I’m not saying that folks can’t have an influence on how things operate, but you can’t come in full of fire and expect things to change overnight.

      Lots of eager, well-meaning but otherwise overzealous folks have come in betting they could bend the city to their will and left angry and broken hearted.  Others have come in and watched, learned, and waited, then made an impact on things in town.

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