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Dragging my heels…

I know that there are places I need to travel and things that I should be handling to get them done… But for some reason, a powerful need to sit and write in this journal have seized me. I have not gotten any closer to my goals for Arnold and myself and no idea how to accomplish them. I do not know where Dr Lionheart resides, and everyone that I have asked of late does not know the way. Perhaps I am asking the wrong questions…

I have heard from Arnold that Doctor Sonnerstein was around, and that I missed him while I was resting. Not that rest comes that easily these days, what with feeling as though I should be doing more to make our life here as good as it should be. I find that my promises to Arnold are becoming hollow words, even to my ears. I don’t know that Dr Solson’s advice wouldn’t have been better placed on Arnold himself. At least he knows when to speak his mind and when professionalism isn’t needed. I envy him that at the very least. There are many things that I envy Arnold for.

So now, I am sitting in this Cafe, were I’ve been for a day or two when I’ve been awake. It’s quiet and a perfect place to sip coffee, tea or cocoa and write. Seeing as that is all I can accomplish without accidentally insulting someone, perhaps I will stay here until I can talk to Scald again about his father. Perhaps this Doctor Sonnerstein can lead me where my feet should have lead me the very first day that we came here : To Dr Lionheart, for whatever that may end with. He is what will make Dr Solsen’s advice work. If not, then I fear that this whole trip was in vain…

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  1. Naveen Bovarro Naveen Bovarro April 6, 2011

    *Hears rumors of a psychiatrist in town and makes a mental note to track her down for a referral*

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