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Dr. Dinosaur’s Journal, I have retreived the dis- I mean, Time Machine

Success!  After I chartered one of the ape’s diving sea vessels (through a combination of their silly bits of metal and paper, and threats of painful death) . We rode the device down to where I had found the Time Machine, and (after some confusing moments trying to fit the diving helmet over my head) we disembarked.  It was strange to be breathing underwater, the fish largely stayed away, aside from one strange creature that resembled a purple colored hybrid of ape and octopus, I and my hired mammal were able to load the blue box into the submersible and return to blessed land.

I managed to transport it to an abandoned factory (the one I had attempted to purchase off the small mammal in fact) and after much pulling, cursing and biting, was able to force the door open and enter.

I set to work trying to reconnet the components in the consol, and smashed the rock that had fallen, back into it.  Then I turned it on.  Nothing happened.  It was then I heard some scratching at the door, I barged out to see an unusually large rat.  My first inclination was dinner!  as I was famished since breakfast, and gave chase.  the rodent escaped me, and I returned to the machine, and it was then I realized it was no longer a blue box, now it resembled a shiney egg of sorts.  This will require more study! but first, DINNER!!! I MUST FEED!!!

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