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Dr. Dino’s Journal: An unexpected trip.

Partial Entry dated June 15th, 18XX:

–atform had been finalized, the ray had been set, aimed directly at, well, the gangplank.  The raptor was unfamiliar with modern government and was convinced the woman McBain ran the city simply because she had liquor. 

Doctor Dinosaur was standing on the4 edge of the hovering platform 11, as the mecharaptors adjusted dials and levers, the Biographer sat on a crate on the other corner, recording it down on the portable typset device.

“Revert power to the main samoplhange! on my mark…FIRE!!!”

The machinery powered up with a hum, as the dish underneath the platform glowed with the pent up energy, when the raptor yelled fire, one of the automotons jammed a copper talon down on the firing button.  Then the -ejhfrje- with-jhwsjhjeohhellwhatdidhedonow?it’sallwhiteihefhbefbejejheihatethisraptorjefgejejbxnnwirytbgkssI’llbejoiningmywifesoonitseems—–*


Doctor Dinosaur’s logg, Month?  day? year?  the typing device works! I will need to hire a new biographer though, we needed emergency rations unfortunatly.  The platform exploded, apparantly using my time egg in the circuit caused the stored energy to be infused with tachyalmicals, causing a chain reaction, and explosion!!!! We are, as far as I can tell, in a mountain range of some sort!!! with snow!!! hateful hateful snow!!!! Agent Tux is enjoying himself immensly, BUT I AM NOT!!!! oh,nope, the boiler’s getting cold again, must find new burnables to keep the machinery runn—*


Doctor Dinosaur’s log: somewhere

We have made our way down the mountian, I am down to one minion, the others breaking down or running out of steam awhile ago.  Before the typing device ran out of steam, I had been about to say, platform 11 was destroyed, wherever we ended up, was only bits of machinery left of my poor deathray!!!!!  The biographer, we ran out of awhile back, and I am not about to lower myself to Agent Tux’s level by eating fish from a stream, RAW fish even! I NEED REAL MEAT!!!!  so we left the mountian cave.

By my calculations, we should be back in New Babbage, but it’s NOT!!! it’s some small podunk mammalian town.  I see what looks like the wall, but in ill repair, however, as many cities seem to have walls, it tells me NOTHING!!!!! There seems to be buildings as well, but no people, the glimpses of what might be humanoids, run away, I’ve sent 24 to hunt me DINNER!!!! as I try to formulate what to do next.


Doctor Dinosaur’s log: ???

A new development today, after months of living in these abandoned concrete buildings and living off of some, rat-squid-thing that has a taste similar to urchin when roasted.  We saw our first mammals!  they were the hairless ape variety, and were travelling through the empty city with some sort of walker device, it resembled a locomotive with 8 legs.  Naturally we resupplied our dwindiling rations and comandeered the vehicle, I think they were scavengers of some sort, athe cargo compartment was full of gears, bits of machinery and other, all in bad states of repair, and MAP!!!  of course the map mwas gibberish, but the landmasses were familiar, if it wasn’t some version of Babbage, it was one of the neighboring towns.  We stoked the engines and set out for what would hopefully be a useful direction.



Doctor Dinosaur’s log: 18XX

I have determined more what happened, and were we are!!!!!  we arrived at a settlement, mostly run down shanties, admidst ruins, and after some research were able to figure that this was in fact, Babbage, the correct year as well, but a transvergent direction, this New Babbage was destroyed in some cataclysmic event in the past, one I’m guessing the Babbage I was stuck in managed to prevent, eitherway, it was no real importance, More to the point, this was a parallel Babbage!!!  the state of the place is, less than respectful, most the machinery is ruins and the malformed people here live off of salvaged tech, plus the zombies are much less well controlled here, they really should do something about it.  the mayor of this alternate babbage is some skinny mammal that resembles Underby, but goes by the name of just ‘Bee’  He’s a twitchy sort, but we’ve com an agreement, he looks the otherway if someone goes missing, and I get some of the machines running.  Well I have to eat, even if it means being a glorified mechanic!!!


D0c Dino’s log: 

Success!!! no, not the villagers pounding down the door with that idiot, Bee’s head on a pike, I meant my research, I managed to salvage a bit of machinery, that wired to the antivolvering mechanism of the late Platform 11, has enabled me to activate the same phenomena that brought me to post apoc Babbage! and just in time, I thought the villagers were going to get their paws on me, the damn dirty apes…

We, and by that I mean myself and Agent Tux, 24 bravely followed his programming to defend us from the mammals, eitherway, we found ourselves in some sort of ally, when we came out, the familiar scent of smog and soot assaulted us, and we saw port, with some giant monument t some old n a tophat and moustache, though the statue’s monocle was fairly impressive.  We saw few people in the streets, the occasional mourau, but mostly large round stomping automotons, all with the same idiotic tophat and metal moustache. apparantly the police force?

We managed to aquire lodging (laegely by EATING the hostilier) at what we knew as that hotel in Academy, forgot the name here, but there it wrenamed ‘The holy Obliskowakrakatowaorsomesuch Imerial Hotel.  and was festooned with more busts, statues and portriats of the same old man.  It would take some time to reconfigure the device to try another jump, until then, we stayed confined to the room in the uppermost floor, only going out late at night to take down a mammal for dinner (and fish for Tux)


Entry $&#(@-  Oh Hell, what happened here? there’s shreiking mushrooms everywhere! hit the switch! hit the switch no-


Doctor Dinosaur’s Log: World 1-1

Pipes? what is with all these pipes? and who’s that running at us? he looks like a fat steelworker


Doc D’s Log: Babbage-12

………everyone’s speaking french….moving on….



Doc D’s Log: Fall, 18XX, Babbage-24

Well, there’s a train, I’m not quite sure why there’s just a train and station sitting here in a swamp, with no tracks, I’m bored now, moving on.


Doctor Dinosaur’s Log: Fall, 18XX Babbage-31

I *think* we’ve made it to the right one, unfortunatly however, that last jump not only burnt out the device, it’s landed us in what I beleive is our version of Bump, I wouldn’t eat here if my life depended on it.  I’ve *stolen* an engine, as there’s no trains schedualed to lave for Babbage for awhile, and after my modifications, we evacuated, making our way along the rails, so far everything seems right, freezing cold fells, check, eyeball crabs….well I don’t remamber those, but it’s possible it’s a typical example of native fauna here afterall, aether tower, yes yes, no monuments to my greatness……not yet at least.

So far we’ve returned for a few days and everything seems right, I located the time egg, and the mecharaptors have kept it in good maintenance while I was gone a few months. aside from the odd ranting garbage can trapped in the interrogation room for some reason, all seems well enough, and I apparantly had made plans already for a ‘Platform 12’ that I don’t remember, THEY’RE MY PLANS!!! THEY HAVE MY NAME RIGHT ON THEM!! YOU CAN”T PROVE ANYTHING!!!!

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  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 15, 2012

    Mr. Harvey sat in the Gangplank Pub going over the supply inventory, scratching his head.

    “How is it that urchins drink more rum than pirates?”

    Suddenly, a horrible squealing noise erupts from the sky. The lapine covers his ears and cowers under the bar.

    Then, just as suddenly as it started, it suddenly cut off.

    Blackberry climbed the ladder up to the roof of the Gangplank. But there was nothing save for a small puff of smoke where something might have been, or perhaps it was only a cloud, and a few shingles knocked loose.

    “Must have been Gilhooly and that tabby cat chasing each other again.”

  2. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner February 16, 2012

    the hossenfeffer runs the gangplank now!!?  we’ll have to try a mutant strain of monster carrots to wipe it out then!!!!!

    • Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 16, 2012

      Or a monster strain of mutant carrots!

      Whatever it is should involve carrots and straining, anyway.

      Mmmm, strained carrots…

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