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Don’t go in the water!

Early this morning a visiting doctor who was here to study the Vernian sea lost his life to the snake that has been attacking those doctors.  Reports are now stating that it has also attacked Yang and an urchin, but that they have managed to flee.

*Picture taken by a companion of his.  Here he can be seen checking his apparatus for a quick dive to inspect the area.*

Through the slightly murky waters you can still clearly see it constricting the poor man.  Those attempting to capture or slay the creature should be forwarned therefore that the attempt should not be done underwater without the aide of a submarine or other vessel.

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman April 17, 2011

    wait, so has it moved on to attacking and eating all doctors, or still limiting itself to ones that come in blue boxes?

  2. Gager Gager April 17, 2011

    This just in, there was a rather large attempt to capture the snake today.  It was shot at several times with Tesla guns, and was driven back.

    However it may have harmed one of his would-be captors as well, who had also worn a diving suit while attempting capture, unaware of the events of this morning!

    The doctor did not own a blue box, however it didn’t eat him either. Though that may be due to the fact it was wearing a helmet and it didn’t like the taste. 

    It turns out the doctor was here to study the marine life of the Vernian sea and once he saw the creature he went up to it to study it and stepped on it’s tail under the sand, and that is when it attacked.  His friends will be taking his body back to his homeland later this afternoon.

  3. Phaedra Underby Phaedra Underby April 17, 2011

    I have come across that snake a few times, he has not one acted aggressive toward me.  Perhaps all of you are provoking him in some way. 

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