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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: Reclamation of Personal Effects.

Having Hired a new biographer after the previous was apparantly a victim of an unfortunate accident involving marmelade. (something about a bad taste combination, I am already having second thoughts about this job).  The Illustrious Dr. Dinosaur went forward with the task of reclaiming his personal effects misplaced during his trek through parallel worlds.

The Maw, his airship, had apparantly been stored in a defunct mine in the mountians, it seems some mountian folk from around Bump found and broke into the mine, and taken parts, possibly to build more stills.  The Raptor, as he occasionally calls himself, (why, I don’t know) had sent in metalraptors, apparantly new ones cobbled together from one of the scrapyards in babbage, to retreive said parts.  However, only one returned, badly damaged, it’s logic engine just repeating something about a ‘General’ and a ‘walking gun’  Dr. Dino decided that rather than go to Bump, it was much easier to just steal the parts from other aircraft around the city instead.  New metalraptors were fashioned, and sent out in the night to go retreive these parts, returning to the wardrobe the raptor had apparantly been living in.  Eventually the purloined parts were transported and jury rigged into the Maw’s framework, and the airship lifted up again.

On track back to New Babbage airspace, there was a critical failure, as one of the parts it turned out, actually WAS a still and subsequentially exploded from a combination of hydrogen gas, grain alcohol, and a metalraptor’s mobility cog grinding and causing a spark.

After readjusting, the Maw was able to lift up again, as Dr. Dinosaur revealed a device in his coat pocket, the locator for something called ‘Platform 11’




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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn April 15, 2012

    no good can come from this…..

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