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Doctor Dinosaur’s Journal: 18somethingorother

Having procured a new biographer, one of the maintenance drones actually had a breif career during my death as a sports journalist.  I’ve started a new set of journals for a new Raptor. 

Narrowly escaping the site of my ressurection from retreived DNA the cat had somehow injested or absorbed.  I had left Babbage for a while, as there was much to do.  The maintenance drones had done….adequit with keeping the Time Egg running, but everything was dusty.  The larder was empty (aside from a lone cupcake), and so were my pockets.  Going forward, some time was spent developing new things, gadgets, automotons, and such (I am an inventor!), and selling the designs for a tidy profit (after retrofitting to run off of less than up to date fuel sources, and work with antiquated materials), Eventually forming Raptor Co. 

Contacting the few non-metallic contacts I know, I heard of a recent explosion in Wheatstone, with a ruined power plant.

Returning to Babbage, I waited in the bucket until the man I heard about limped in and had a drink.  After introducing myself and talking, steering the conversation to his exploded plant, I made an offer, since this doctor needed heavy power for his experiments, and I needed space for my factory, I took the plant off his hands under the agreement I’d hook a direct line from the power grid I would be building, to his lab and observatory. 

Deed in hand, construction started immediatly.  Soon Raptor Co. will be a household name as automotons are bought into people’s homes,  I will do what I should have in the beginning and just build an army, and then we will eat the cat.

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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw October 16, 2014

    *Sees maitenece droids approach.  After several clicks and pantomimes by the droids, Beryl tries waving his paw cryptically at them* I am not the cat you are looking for.  Arnold had two blue eyes

    …what?  Are you color blind?  …  Hold on for  a minute…I need to get a sledgehammer for something important.  Just wait right there and don’t move. 

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman October 17, 2014

    ((actually, coincidentally, the person behind both Footman and Dr. Dinosaur IS monochromatically colorblind ))

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