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Dispatch from Rio

Fred managed to distill fish guts into some kind of airship fuel and we have flown to Rio de Janeiro. It was a very cold and very scary few days in Antarctica. Ms Sera and I were in fear of freezing to death but luckly the penguins surrounded the ship to keep the wind down and we burned the furniture and fittings of the airship to make Fred’s “Fishahol” fuel.


When we arrived in Rio de Janeiro I made the decision to just burn the airship. It smelled like 48 penguins and rotting fish oil. An odor Fred said was an improvement, but he is a penguin. He was also no fan of the heat here. Aside from one trip to try and go say “Hello” to Emperor Pedro II (He tries to meet the monarch of any country he visits) he sat in the hotel room bathtub with some ice cubes.


Ms Sera and I on the other hand spent a few days on the beach (they have barefoot beaches here! the scandal!) while awaiting the next steam ship to New Babbage. I took the time to telegraph Bok Choy who I left in charge of the factory in my absence. He said everything was fine but then I got a telegraph from the urchins that work in my factory and it read:
“Mr Gatsby, We pooled our money to ask you about Mr Bok Choy
The 2 hour calligraphy lessons he is giving us are OK we guess
But the Chinese Opera Sing Alongs
Please stop them
Also he has us arrive an hour early for morning Tai Chi time…
Please come home soon~ The Urchins”

On the bright side when we arrived at the steamship we got a first class upgrade. Fred, not wanting to be discovered as a penguin and sent to a zoo disguised himself as “Fredopolus IV Orthodox Patriarch of Antarctica.” The disguise worked and they not wanting to allow a man of the cloth to travel anything but first class gave him and his two “assistants” staterooms… And if any one asks remember he’s not making bird calls… Thats Old Church Penvonic…

Hope to see Babbage soon… Gatsby and Sera


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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 17, 2014

    Just be thankful they weren’t using wiggyfish.  Safe travels!

  2. Jon Chen Jon Chen January 17, 2014

    Chinese Opera sing-a-longs, Calligraphy lessons, morning tai chi?!  Those ungrateful urchins find themselves in the august, Jade lands of the culturally blessed, under the care of Sifu Bok Choy, and they complain!?!  When their Generous and Wise patrons, the Szusters, return, they should express their disatisfaction with these upstart urchins by giving them biscuits & cheese, and perhaps a small slice of cold ham, but no cake!  Confucius would agree, I am sure, that there are times when one should be strict.

    Best wishes on your safe return to the City, Szusters! :)

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