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Dec. 13 – Mixed News

Lisa looked up from her work when she heard the door to the inner offices open. When she saw Canergak, she set aside the medical instruments she was cleaning, and stood up. “Sir.”

“Lisa. We should talk.” She nodded, keeping her eyes cast down, and the administrator continued. “I have some rather good news for you, though I am uncertain if you will agree with my assessment that it is indeed good news.”

“Sir?” She glanced up at him, looking confused.

“Professor Vartanian will be using the cat specimen for an upcoming experiment of his.”

Lisa gasped, turning a bit pale. “Why?”

“Apparently, your other ‘friend’ approached the Professor and gave them some information that the Professor said may help broken minds reform, or at the least this specimen’s. I don’t have the details yet, but the Preofessor is free to use any means he sees fit.” He looked at her sternly. “That is why they are there, to test what we would not on normal people.”

“Friend? Do you mean Beryl?” Lisa felt rather appalled. Why would Beryl help them to experiment on Myn?

“That cat, yes,” Canergak replied impatiently. “Apparently they were trying to convince him to help the other specimen, but who knows what it thinks?”

She tried to compose herself. “Do you know when the professor will do this?”

“Today or tomorrow. And I want you there.”

“Yes, sir.”

He nodded with satisfaction. “I have more news. I am brokering a deal with the acting Militia Captain, Miss Hienrichs.”

“A deal, sir?”

“Your probation will lessen soon. It has been an adequate amount of time.”

Hope rising within her, she looked up at him again. If she could finally get out and about again, she might be able to finally investigate the disappearing cats… “How–how soon, sir?”

“As soon as I can speak to Miss Hienrichs once again.” A faint look of satisfaction passed across his face. “She should be more than willing to listen to my request.” Glancing at his watch, he continued, “I will be at the Militia office. I have a few other things to discuss with her.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lisa said, staring at his departing form. Conflicting emotions ran through her as she took her seat and picked up her cleaning materials again. She was happy that she might finally be more free than she’d been in months, though she was also worried about what she might learn out there. Beryl’s actions also confused her; she hadn’t thought he’d give the asylum staff any help that would lead to experimentation on the female feline held below. Finally, though, she shrugged. She’d simply have to wait and see what the professor planned.

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