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Death and I have a funny relationship…

“COME ON THEN! DO IT!” Wright shouted at the pirate who had entered his room at the Essex Hotel, the same pirate who he had held captive a week ago. He had expected this, he deserved it, after all. All monsters had to find themseleves at the business end of a shotgun. for Her part the pirate known as Domino stood there emotionless and unmoving, though any hidden pain was betrayed by the tear that rolled down her cheek.

” Deep into that darkness peering, long i stood ther..wondering..fearing” Wright began as he stared down the barrel of Domino├Ęs shotgun.


She Fired once, pulling both triggers just to be sure.


John Wright gasped as buckshot tore his chest wide open. the wolf rasped in his chair as crimson spread over his crisp white shirt and down his abdomen.

He began to cough more blood coming out with each expulsion, the crimson liquid leaked out the sides of his mouth and even his nose. The wolf glared defiantly at the Pirate Before expiring from the gaping wound.


The pirate fled the scene, leaing his landlady Lady Moldylocks distraught and his ally Russ in shock.


How long the wolf lay there in repose remained a mystery to him, he never knew how long his body took to regenerate when he died and each death was by a different cause, each one varying in their time to heal. This time he figured a few hours to have passed. Though his sense of time was skewed, as when he woke up John Wright was not the one in control of his body….



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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon April 25, 2016

    *sighs* #ImmortalFolkProblems

  2. Lady Moldylocks Lady Moldylocks April 27, 2016

    There are so many questions, and yet I fear the answers. 

  3. Russell -AdventureRuss- Firecrest Russell -AdventureRuss- Firecrest May 17, 2016

    Mr Wright, you scare me.

  4. violet Solano violet Solano May 21, 2016

    actually he scares Mr Eliot, and thats very hard to do.


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