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Dear Uncle McAndrews – Summer in New Babbage

To Mr A. McAndrews
The McAndrews Estate Lodge
Shetland Islands
Scotland, United Kingdom

Dear Uncle McAndrews

I hope this letter find you in good healt and sober-ish.

I have heard back from Charlie that the old McAndrews estate in Ravila has been sealed up and that my cousin and his wife have been sent to Caledon for a holiday.  Why do we still have that old estate in Ravila anyway?  That whole town is a cesspit of muggings, debauchery and murder, it makes The Gut look like a holiday camp.

I have sent a telegram to Charlie to let Thomas know that once things in Ravila have settled to look for new lands outside of Ravila proper, somewhere in the suburbs of Ravila would be nice.

Also, if you can spare the manpower, plase send folks out to check on the other smaller lodgins and estates the family has dotted around the land.  I have a feeling that folks in New Babbage are starting to wander far and wide…first that utter incompetent ‘adventurer’ Emerson copmes across that stupid protrait, now The melniks arrive and get muddled up in the affairs of the town of Ravila.  I think covering our tracks a little uncle might be in order here.

As for me, well, its summer in New Babbage.  I hate summer in this city.  The smog get layed on thicker, less winds carrying it off.  I can see why half of the city seems to up and vanish during June and July.  The temperature isnt too hot, about 20 to 22c but the fact that the smog layer doubles in thickness and sticks around even at night makes trying to get to sleep impossible.  Your idea for putting the bar below ground level has helped though…its nice and cool down there when theres no fire.

Anyway, please keep me informed about the other estates of the family.  Once problem with summer is the Babbagers all turn into mini Emersons and become tourists…poking around in cities where the family might have lands in.


V.A.A Mornington

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