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Dear Uncle McAndrews – Jurassic Babbage

Dear Uncle McAndrews

Yes i know, it’s been a while since I wrote to you again.  Been busy as always on this end what with the change in season coming around the corner for New Babbage and problems with the time station rearing its ugly head again.

Anyway, just thought I’d write to tell you about a new interest that has got me all busy in the city, you remember that old dino museum you visited months ago on your last visit there?  The one next to city hall?

Well, Miss Bergamasco had recently taken over the said museum and myself and Miss Bergamasco decided to totally gut the place out.  While it was empty the outer shell of the building was given a small make over, you know the kind of thing, replacing rusted or corroded glass framing, that kind of thing.  Anyway, while the outside of the place was being redone Elleon asked me what we was going to put inside the place…and thats when the idea hit me…

Since the city is situated above the northern tropic and the landmass that the city is on was once a part of northern Pangea land i reckoned a quick jaunt to the late Jurassic and then to Egypt would do the trick…

It did…worked out very well infact

I managed to take off a lot of colour photographs of the well known sauropods and theropods, very nice high detailed pictures in full 3d, made a quick trip to a friend of mine in Egypt who could make full scale models from the said holograms and started shipping them out peice by peice to elleon via the station so the time difference could be negated.  I know what your thinking now uncle, but there was absolutley NO harm done to the dinosaurs when i was there, i was only observing.  When i came back i helped elleon transform the inside of the museum to comething more akin to the Mesozoic era which is the geologic timeframe that these dinosaurs lived in…


I also sent back a sample of a very interesting…creature…at least the remains of a creature.  I haven’t seen anything like it before, at least not that I know about anyway.  The fossilised remains are in a safe crate marked “DO NOT OPEN” in the museum, it should be safe there for now until i do a but more study of the fossil. 

Anyway, miss elleon has said that the grand unveiling of the new museum will be this Friday, hopefully things go well :)

Take care Uncle!

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  1. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner September 22, 2010

    No harm to the dinosaurs???! you don’t harm us, we harm you!!!!!

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