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Deals in the Dark

Lilith nods to Wisp, a new urchin in town that was proving helpful for her.  With the loss of most her things, Lilith had returned to her hidden home until the Vole was ready to return.

Her tail twitched nervously, she heard from many not to trust Ashiko. He was with the Milita now, but rumor said he had a more villainous history.  This was a gamble, but things were getting rough, with Mornington breathing down the Urchins back talking about new taxes, the loss of the warehouse, the vole, the smugglers hide out, as well as the recent attack by clockwork on Bunny Tower and the Kidnapping of Kasa…the urchins had gotten desperate.  They needed some help.  

“Wisp.. If something happens to me, get Beryl and Leon immediately as well as Sonnnerstien.” She says softly. The fox morue nods as he signed something with his paws to her, which she believed meant he understood. His fur was white as snow which helped him blend in outside as he hid, watching though the windows ready to get help if Liliths plan went south.

Lilith slowly walks up to the door and knocks before entering Ashiko’s home and office. Her ears alert she leaned on her staff as she slowly makes her way to his office and opened the unlocked door. “Ello, I see you responded to my message of my wishing to speak to you.”

Ashiko looked up from his desk and nods “Oh yes… Do come in… Fancy a drink?”

Lilith shook her head, tail and ears twitching nervously but alert.  She was doing her best to make sure she was ready for anything. “No I am good, I cam to offer you a deal in a way, hoping you are different from the others in the Milita, as I have heard about you.”

Ashiko grins impishly as he starts to pat himself down looking for a cigarette and his holder, placing them in his mouth he lights it up casually. “What sort of deal are we talking about?” He asks her looking the young urchin over as she stayed in the doorway to his office mostly in the shadows.

Lilith nods gently “One that can benefit us both, information in turn for a little bit of protection. I can help get information of things around town, information the milita might have trouble getting, we urchins see more then most people think. In turn I was hoping that I can get the Milita to take it a bit easy on us this winter.” She says softly and leans slightly against the door frame, her back was again bothering her but she did her best to mask it. “We have had it rough this year, the candy tax, the loss of several of our safe places.”

Ashiko nods as he takes a puff of his cigarette “I hear that Mornington has been cracking down a tad, yes?”

Lilith nods as she thinks for a moment “I am not saying to ‘not’ do your job,” she continued, “But, if more was to happen to us the best information network in town could crumble.  I assume someone like you would enjoy having his own little network of so to say… Spies… As I said this could benefit us both.” She said with a grin.

Ashiko hums and taps a finger against his eye, weighing out the decision as he nods “Throw in a bottle of wine from Mornington’s bar once a week and we should be able to work something out…”

Lilith nods and grins “I know someone who can handle that.”

She knew this could easily be a trap but she also knew once she left this building she would be hard to catch.  No one knew about her other hiding spot yet.

Ashiko nods and flicks a little bit of ash onto the floor “Never did like him too much…”

Lilith smiles “Ok its a deal, in turn for…information, and a weekly bottle of wine, you help keep some…heat off the urchins.”  Considering how much they might need to steal this year that may mean something indeed.  She came up with a code name so as not to let him have her real name. “I am rarely out in the open myself as I been shot a few to many times, but this deal I wanted to make in person.” She says and looks the room over slowly.

Ashiko nods “Oh? But thats a thing for us grown ups… Starting far too young.” He takes another puff of his cigarette and knocks the ash off as he chuckles “If you have anything else that you need taken care of… Don’t hesitate to come calling… not one to turn down an opportunity for money.”

Lilith stretches wincing slightly as she leans back against her walking stick “I see.  I will keep you in mind,” She starts to turn to head out. Ashiko speaks up once more “Likewise… Do try not to freeze out there, would be a terrible tragedy.”  

Lilith nodded and headed outside and Wisp hurried up from his hiding spot to catch up with her.  He signed and Lilith explained that it went well, but there was something about the rabbit that she didn’t trust yet.  “I just need to see if Leon or one of the other urchins can handle a little weekly game of risk to help hold up are end of the deal.”

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