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Dead Billy

((written by Dead Billy, the undead Urchin))


I started Writin a jornal cause ev’ry one else does, I was takin’ a walk and ended up wanderin’ in to that church, them preists were all talkin’ with some odder people ’bout ‘lectorcutin th’ city.

Act’lly, think it was that old man, th’ Emp’rer what was saying stuff ’bout ‘lectric things.

but there was a gatherin’ outside, and churche’s giv me th’ willies, I snuck out.

then ev’ry one asked me ifn’ I felt awright, why do they keep sayin’ that? tey asked that at tha Gangplank too!. I got somethin’ own my face?  told them’ll it’s a cold! my nose was just a lil’ runny, sheesh.

Then that Emp’rer said I was drunk! I jus’ had one rum that mornin’! (shoulda told that catgirl sommun left spilt rum on th’ floor again)  I tol’ im that’s not rum, I just hadn’t hada bath yet. (for a good few months, not since I fell ‘n tha canal)

then them preists an’ nuns came out, an’ I got bored, so’s I wandered off ta catch soma those wiggyfish fer dinner.  

an’ now my sides runnin’! I thought it was jus’ noses that did that!

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