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Dead Billy: jumping at shadows


Billy was sitting on the roof of the Cocoa Java, So far since waking up, he’d had people scream ‘zombie!’ and toss rocks at him, had another urchin tell him to ‘regenerate’ whatever that meant, been dropped in the canal, one very interesting circumstance involving a tea party and a 3 foot iron tarantula (the less said of that the better), and the thing that concerned him the most, the shadow he kept glimpsing out of the corners of his eyes, almost like it was follwoing him. He had finally ran to try and lose it when he glimpsed it on the rooftops, the day the other urchin was going on about ‘regenerating’. Ducking into an alley and carefully glancing out to see if he lost it, thought he did seem to lose both shadow and the strange urchin. (wich was too bad, he wanted to see what the other was on about). So he calmed down, nicking a bottle of rum from the Gangplank and strolling along the docks. When he saw the shadow again, standing across the docks looking at him, before it took off up a wall and across the rooftops out of site. Billy’s arm then picked that point to fall off. Finally giving up, Billy picked up his arm, took a deep breath, and went to go find someone who could point him to a doctor.

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