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Countryside Canter, Aug. 15-17

H0ney Heart will be setting up a horse jumping course on the Fells for a delightful equestrian event. Riding systems will include both aside and astride options, as well as various sizes of horse (pony to draft). Should we tell her about the tree crabs?

Tentative Schedule:

 1. Open the event with welcome by New Babbage VIPs
 2. Rik Merlin & Saffia Widdershins doing a team ride over the course to open the course.
 3. Opening night races: Ladies, Gentlemen, and Child/Pony race
 4. Open Competition for avatar horses & prim horses
 5. Closing ceremonies, Sunday evening, with awards podium, special ribbons, trophies, etc.

If you would like to make some steampunky trophies to go with the event, please contact H0ney Heart directly. More info will be forthcoming as date approaches.

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