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Confession of the Church Mouse.

 Father Pizzaro hurries across the cathedral floor to block a lanky boy from leaving. 

Father Pizzaro: Good evening my son

Gilhooly Skute: ullo mister father

Father Pizzaro: May I .. help you find … something?

[20:50]  Gilhooly Skute: er…. I… I croaked mister Pip I did…. folk seen me take knife from city ‘all…. an’ I ‘ated ‘im I did… I gtta be arrested

Father Pizzaro: You stole

Father Pizzaro: a Mucro dagger?

Gilhooly Skute: aye

Father Pizzaro: And how

Father Pizzaro: did you

Gilhooly Skute: ye can ask urchins… I showed some the cells down there an’ ‘ow I found secret way in…

Father Pizzaro: get in the basement without anyone

Father Pizzaro: seeing

 Father Pizzaro: or hearing

 Father Pizzaro: You

 Father Pizzaro: ?

Gilhooly Skute: cor, I know the ‘ole city’s sewers by ‘eart. ask anybody.

Father Pizzaro: So

Father Pizzaro: You were there

Father Pizzaro: before Pip was brought in?

Father Pizzaro: And you hid

Father Pizzaro: ?

 Gilhooly Skute: aye mister father….

Father Pizzaro: Do you know.

Father Pizzaro: I was to have

Gilhooly Skute: twasn’t missus Stargirl at all

Father Pizzaro: Two Brothers

Father Pizzaro: flogged

Father Pizzaro: publicly

 Gilhooly Skute cringes a little and nods….

Father Pizzaro: to satisfy the mob

Father Pizzaro: ?

 Gilhooly Skute: satisfy?

Father Pizzaro: For what price

Father Pizzaro: did you commit

Father Pizzaro: …

Father Pizzaro: …

 Father Pizzaro: Murder

Father Pizzaro: ?

Gilhooly Skute: o, er…. ta keep me best mate Lo safe fer good…. Pip tried ta ‘urt ‘er often, I think….

 Father Pizzaro: Then how

Father Pizzaro: did you know

 Father Pizzaro: he would be

Father Pizzaro: in that cell

Father Pizzaro: ?

 Gilhooly Skute: well, when church got ‘im…. there’s naught else ‘ere but this room an’ cells below… an’ ‘e weren’t up ‘ere

Father Pizzaro: How

Father Pizzaro: did you

Father Pizzaro: get past

Father Pizzaro: the guards?

Gilhooly Skute: real quiet like I am…. like, er, a mouse

Father Pizzaro: My son

 Father Pizzaro: Whom are you protecting?

Father Pizzaro: It is a noble thing you are trying to do

Father Pizzaro: But you will suffer greatly, for a lie.

Gilhooly Skute shakes his head, “twas me, ye gotta arrested me…. it’s all over itis…”

 Gilhooly Skute gulps

Father Pizzaro smiles benevolently

Father Pizzaro: For. A. Lie.

Gilhooly Skute: …wot?

 Father Pizzaro: Did you steal the knife?

Gilhooly Skute: aye

Father Pizzaro: Who did you give it to?

Father Pizzaro: Or sell it, … I should say?

Gilhooly Skute: ….please mister father… it’s gotta be all over…. some’ow… else awful stuff may ‘appen…. gotta arrest me

MystiTool HUD 1.3.0-freebie: Entering chat range: Sister Loxely (16m)

Father Pizzaro: My son, this is a house of truth

 Father Pizzaro: Tell me what could happen

Gilhooly Skute turns around at the sounds

Father Pizzaro smiles

 Gilhooly Skute looks up

Father Pizzaro: Tell me what did happen.

Gilhooly Skute whispers, “not ‘ere mister father…. ‘e can ‘ear even in church”

Father Pizzaro: There are ways to coax the truth out

Father Pizzaro: Who can hear us?

Gilhooly Skute shakes his head, “I canna…. ‘e’ll be awful cross… an’ ‘urt people”

Father Pizzaro: Can you write?

Gilhooly Skute: only a bit….

Father Pizzaro finds a slip of paper and a pencil stub

Father Pizzaro: Come, there is nothing to fear

Father Pizzaro pushes the paper and pencil to you

Gilhooly Skute: mister father…. ain’t it good ta protect yer loved ones an’ all? no matter wot?

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MystiTool HUD 1.3.0-freebie: Entering chat range: Sister Loxely (16m)

Gilhooly Skute takes the paper and nub….

Gilhooly Skute: mister father…. ye gotta burn this soon as ye look…. promise…

Father Pizzaro: Yes. I will burn it

Gilhooly Skute sticks his tongue out and considers the paper….

Gilhooly Skute: ‘ow d’ye spell…. blimey, nevermind

 Gilhooly Skute starts sketching

Gilhooly Skute hands over a sketch of a boy’s drawers

Father Pizzaro looks at it

Father Pizzaro: Do you not know your letters, my son?

 Gilhooly Skute: only a few…. ‘s a good clue tho

Sister Loxely looks at Gil with compassion

Gilhooly Skute glances over at the ladies

Father Pizzaro thinks, then takes the scrap of paper over to the candle flame without showing it to the others.

Njal Edwyn ducks behind the pillar

Father Pizzaro: There.

Gilhooly Skute: wot… wot ye gonna do, mister father?

Father Pizzaro: We will draw him out.

Father Pizzaro: Come, have some food.

Gilhooly Skute: iffen ‘e knows I ratted….

Gilhooly Skute: is ye gonna whip me fer lyin’?

Father Pizzaro looks at the sisters

Father Pizzaro: Perhaps you should try to apply yourself to learning. You might live longer.

Gilhooly Skute: missus Star’s gone off ‘cos o’ all this…. she dinna do nuffin’

Gilhooly Skute sighs and nods… “aye…. praps oughta get meself ta Steel’ead fer a bit”

Gilhooly Skute: praps they’ve got books there….

Sister Loxely nods in understanding “We shall do what we can, with both Miss Star and you, young lad. We can help you in your studies should you so choose.”

Father Pizzaro: You must not fear.

Gilhooly Skute: will ye look after ‘er?

Father Pizzaro: Your fear is what allows others to control you.

Gilhooly Skute: wot? but…

Gilhooly Skute: but…

Sister Loxely looks to the Father

Father Pizzaro: Go now. It is best you are not found here.

 Gilhooly Skute looks at the three and runs for the door

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman September 2, 2010

    the preists ‘looking after’ Star, that can’t be good




    ………so who’s name rhymes with ‘boxers’ anyway?

  2. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox September 2, 2010

    Mr. Underwear!  All de urchins call him dat behind him back!  Him talking about Mr. Underby!

    Gilly and Miz Star gots to go to Steelhead!  Dey be safe dere.

  3. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant September 2, 2010

    No worries mate, I still like ya no matter what you did.

  4. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra September 2, 2010

    Hm. I was actually thinking Star went off the deep end and did it. 

    Well, this is going to be pretty . . ugly.

  5. Queer Hermit Queer Hermit September 2, 2010

    Sadly Master Gilhooly I must agree with you, there is no place in Babbage safe for you now.  He knows the ways of the city both above and below as well as you or I.  Flee young Sir until a happier time comes to Babbage.  Gokouun o inorimasu Master Gilhooly.

  6. Mara Razor Mara Razor September 2, 2010

    Ashiko wasn’t staying at the mill, and wasn’t under my protection.  Gilly and the rest of the scamps are well aware that they’ve got homes at the mill any time they wish it, and if need be – there are other places I can send them where they would be safe.  I’ve sent Skyler Gant, Lo, and Loki Bayn away at varying times for safety.

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