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((Completely OOC – The Typist’s Tale.))

I just want to start this by apologizing for my lack of updates to the Not-Ning. They say RL comes first, but I still feel horrible. I will make up for this lack of saga stuff with, you guessed it, PICTURES! Yay!

I’m posting links to my Photobucket in hopes that seeing some of these will make your day, or give you some good memories (til we make new ones, that is!) I’m not leaving, don’t mistake me. I love Babbage and as Yang has mentioned, it would take wild horses, tarring and feathering, and loads of other things to make me leave this dirty, nasty, beautiful city and sim. ^^ (Channeling Katt Williams there, but you get my drift.)

So here goes! (While I get up the notes to writing new Journals and Letters) – These are her profile pix and some sneak peaks at outfits, when I feel like playing dress up ^^ – Dance Party that Erehwon Dj’ed at Tiphares. Was fun fun fun! – Pretty self explanatory. But now he’ll come after meeee… –  This was almost a benefit that Erehwon did for Mondrago after the fall… just a place to dance and have a good time with friends and remember the good stuff. – Ah… the wedding no one thought would be… or would ever work. ^^ – Sorry to say there’s only one photo in here. I either lost the ones I had or I was busy and forgot to take them. –  This one’s for random shots I like that I take, like when I’m hanging with friends chewing the fat, or just hanging around in general. Thankfully I’ll be updating these… cause I plan to do lots of fun random things throughout the year. – Oh the Regreening Dance… Where Harvey and Maddox walked the line between dancing with the boss… and ‘this is weird’ territory. XD – The Robber Baron’s Ball…. was my first real ball in Babbage, I think… and I hadn’t bought my skin yet. So Maddi’ll look kinda funny. But, it gives me a giggle, looking back. – Oh Walpurgisnacht… how fun was dancing around a roaring bonfire!

And of course the titles and captions are all from Maddie’s P.O.V. I thought this little set of albums would be a fun look into just what a typist can do with that camera in the Viewer. ^^ (Big shouts out to Miss Book, who inspires me to play paper doll with Maddox at every occasion!) And that’s all from me for now. More from Maddox and Co, soon.

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    • Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire September 16, 2011

      ((Notice I left off the pic I have of Blackberry in his Bunny Suit. ^_~))

  1. Erehwon Yoshikawa Erehwon Yoshikawa September 16, 2011

    Great photos! Thank you for sharing them.

    • Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire September 17, 2011

      ((You’re welcome!))

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