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((Completely OOC – The Typist’s Tale. PART DEUX))

Once again, I must apologize for my lack of RP time inworld.  Unfortunately, since the move required SO much time to finish, I was often too tired or too burnt to actually be inworld for long. I did manage to make it to see Steam Santa, which was awesome and fun and I thank all involved for that. But we’re still unpacking and putting things to rights. Not only that but now I have my rats with me and I have to make time to care for them. (Aside here to inform those of you that knew about my pets already – Freya is no longer with us. Lulu’s the same. And the new little girl, Bobby Jo, is adjusting just fine.) So if I’m not as much until much later, I want to take even more time to bow and scrape and pray for forgiveness. XD

But, since Xmas, there have been some movements in-world and I will get around to keeping up with them. I’ll have to. I don’t want to fall behind just because I need sleep. Who needs that? I can sleep when I’m dead. Or like I’m dead. Doesn’t matter. In any case, I’m sure to have days off soon…

So, there’s my update and thanks for being there when I (was) am able to get on! Big shouts to Helio and everyone who keep Maddie afloat. ^^

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein January 4, 2012

    No stress, dear! You know this place is totally rp optional. A lot have been taking a break after the big Dark Aether story anyway. Take your time. We’ll still be here when you get back into things.

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire January 4, 2012

    It’s just the move, and then getting back into the swing of work… It’s a lot. I’m sure I’ll be back at it fairly soon. After all, there are things in the works. XD


  3. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey January 4, 2012

    I’ve been taking a little break from the hard RP myself lately.  Nothing wrong with that!  Get settled and hang out with us when you can, OOC if need be, just to relax.

  4. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire January 4, 2012

    Will do, sir. ^^ I was thinking about mainly attending events if I could. I guess Arnold’s Typist and I will work out what we can attend together. ^^

  5. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis January 4, 2012

    I think you’ll find you get more out of the time you can spend here if you drop the roleplay all together.

    • Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey January 5, 2012

      …says the fellow who pretends to be a Victorian monk of a science-based pretend religion?

      • Brother Lapis Brother Lapis January 5, 2012


        So says the roleplaying alt who has been spending more time just hanging out, and enjoying that time much more than when I was trying to portray a character.

        And people are much more willing to engage in roleplay with me as a result. 

        • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold January 5, 2012

          Being able to drop and pick up roleplay, like IC, as needed and realize when everyone else has seems like a necessary trait once you enter Babbage really.

          • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg January 6, 2012

            Quite a lot of people in the city take the “New Babbage is RP-optional” to heart.  As such, it’s a more casual pasttime, in my experience.  I get a lot more out of interacting with people OOC, because that’s when I make friends.

            Just sayin’.  :-)

            • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold January 6, 2012

              *Checks his friends list that he is certain wouldn’t exist if he was IC as Arnold at all times*  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Hehe.

              • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 6, 2012

                *snickers* I’ll bet I know someone on that list.

  6. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire January 6, 2012

    I like Rp too much to drop it.^^ So I’ll just do it when I can ^^ Thanks for idea though.

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