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Competition Results: Urchin Snow Fort

Well, Tepic here! I been checking out the urchin snow forts in Clockhaven, and i can tell yer i been impressed by the builds, be nice to see em placed out full size somewhere, as they look great fun to play in.

Enough messin about though, here are the results:

First prize goes to Myrtil an Jimmy fer a most magnificent fort, with all round throwing positions and throwing steps. This is a fort a whole tribe of urchins could use to repel all comers.


Second prize is to Kimika Ying for a wonderfully organic looking fort, almost a lookout post with stairs swinging round the tower. Would love to run up the stairs and pelt my enemies from above!
























Third prizes will be given to both the other entries, the first by Azura Loring, which is a very nice forward observation post.



The second third place winner… errr…. yes, think that’s right, is Aberdon Enigma for a good looking snow tower with beautiful curved lower walls and a flagpole!
























Thank you all for your wonderful work, and prize monies will be distributed when i get in-world!

Tepic Harlequin

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  1. River Falcon River Falcon January 7, 2016

    There are some nice entries here.

  2. Myrtil Igaly Myrtil Igaly January 7, 2016

    YAY! Thank you Tepic! We’ll send you the full size snowfort soon and will send it to the Steampunks of New Babbage and Steampunk Kids groups too.

    Congratulations to the other entries! I’d be happy to see them all in the streets too.

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