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Coming Home After a Long Nigh

 Coming home after a long night. Snow fumbles through her cabinets searching for something to eat. After a quarter hour of searching she finally falls into a chair in defeat. I guess it Moldy’s Diner tonight. I wonder if she is still awake?”


Dragging herself out of the chair she locks up her store. Still dressed from work. She heads across the Stora Canal bridge. She notices what looks like a pile of clothes at the end of the bridge, She approaches the end of the bridge. Looks down and see that is is mangled body lying there.  She looks around to see if anyone is around seeing now one she kicks at the body a little bit to see if it is still alive. From what she can make out it appears to be a guard from the milita.  “That looks like one of the guards that has been stationed at the hospital. This could be bad. If I am found here with this.” Looking around one more time she lets out the best distressed scream she can manage. Soon the sound of footsteps running can be heard as she just stands there watching the body. Dr. Kristos, and Kasa approach her. the doctor and Kasa greet each other as the approach her and the body.


The Doctor and Kasa begin questioning her. While she keeps insisting that  she was just on her way to find something to eat for dinner. Kasa Kneels down to examine the guard her ears preak up  as a  low growl can be can be heard from across the canal.  A voice rises across the bridge. “Your First few guesses do not count.” Said Percival most pleased with themselves. Kasa Raises her bow to the ready as the voice speaks. The is a flash of movement just out of her sight but she can hear the bridge has begun being raised. She turns around to the direction of the voice. As a look of agitation runs across the wolf’s face.   


Dr. Sonnerstein is the first to speak. “What do you want here, wolf.” Kasa Keeps the wolf in her sights why they speaks. The wolf points to the body lying at their feet. “More of these were promised, Three so far.”…. Snow’s mind starts to drift into her own world while they are talking. She starts thinking about the many projects that she has to finish at her workshop. Making lists of the things she needs to order before the next week.


Snow is pulled back to reality by the sound of Wright firing his gun and the shot ricocheting off a street lamp. She watches the wolf run down the street. “Shouldn’t someone go after it”

Wright walks around the corner at about the same time. Snow and Kasa are left to guard the door they were standing at. Wight walks off in a hurry to the asylum. DR. Sonnerstein gives them a warning about the danger before he hurries off into the hospital.


Snow and Kasa stand there talking lightly about what is going on. She kicks at the guards body. “should we just push it in the canal I think that would be the simplest thing” Kasa rejects this idea insisting that he needs to be put in the ground. The chit chat is broken by two voices screaming for Kasa. The wolf they had seen earlier rounds the corner snarling with sounds of the others not far behind. Kasa fires her crossbow hitting the wolf in the arm. as the wolf charges the small Rabbit. Snow thinks to herself this is going to end badly for the little one. Well I’m here.


Snow steps in the path of the wolf turning to face him arms held up braced for the bow. The others that were in pursuit round the corner. The wolf charges her mindlessly and almost bounces off as she digs her heals in the cobble stones and pushes him back throwing him off balance. Kasa bolt hits the wolf in the arm and he lets out a great howl. Dr. Sonnerstein rounds the corner “Get back!” He swings his staff making contact with the wofl’s side knocking the wolf down to the ground. The wolf rolls to dodge Snow’s next blow. Looking at her in confusion as he had just met the immovable object that she was. Well at least to someone of his strength. She smiles at him know his defeat is here. The wolf eyes go wide as he tries to understand what just happened.. and shouts for LUCAS. Hyde appears and suddenly has a knife at the wolf’s throat. Hyde “One wrong move and, the blade slashes your throat.” Dr. Sonnerstein step up placing his staff in the wolf’s chest pinning him to the ground.  


Everyone seems to breath for a moment. Percival lying there with the knife at his throat. When it lunges at hyde pushing the knife into his own throat snapping at Hyde’s arm as it is pulled away. Snow hears the sound of cloth tearing in the wolf’s fangs as hyde pulls it away. hyde looks shocked by what just happened “Twist the knife finish it off Hyde”. She shouts. Sonnerstein starts yelling at her apparently they want it alive. Snow thinks to herself you have really ruined my evening. Throwing herself on top of the wolf locking his head in between her arms. she hears what she thinks is ribs cracking as her weight come down on the wolf’s body. She lets more of her weight down on him as she can feel him trying to break free. “If you want him alive so badly go bring a doctor to get him patched up before he bleeds out.”


She looks up to see hyde struggling with his own thoughts about what just happened. He steps up to her and the pinned wolf wrapping gaze tightly around his muzzle.The other around her keep talking like he is on some kind of drug which she understands very little about. or the names that keep coming up in their conversations. From what she can make out another one escaped into the city.

Kasa brings Dr. Sonnerstein from close inside the hospital and he takes out a syringe into the wolf’s arm. The wolf starts to fade. She leaves the wolf in their care and and lets the group figure out their next move.  “Well so much for dinner” she thinks to herself.



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  1. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx October 7, 2015

    Later that night, a painful, agonizing scream could be heard crying out from somewhere in Dr. Jekyll’s house. His neighbors turned a blind eye to the sudden disturbance, for they had grown used to the noisy crimes that popped up in the area every now and then. This was good, in a way. No curious eye would try to pick the lock of the back door, to peek inside the private laboratory to find the doctor himself huddled in a corner shivering violently, trying to contain his nausea as he examines the bite wounds on his arm.

    Percival had managed to peirce the skin when he bit at Hyde’s arm. He was washing the blood off his blade when he saw the wounds. Kasa did treat the wound with disinfectant and wrapped it up in bandages, but Hyde still had to remove them before he downed his potion, or else they would either break apart or crush the arm. Jekyll was not too worried about the wound; he was more than capable to reapply the bandages when he needed. However, the blade that Hyde was allowed to keep was sitting on the laboratory desk, bringing back the horrible memories of a crime he thought he left behind in London.

    Yes, that was Dr. Jekyll’s chief concern. Mr. Hyde had once again tasted blood. It was true Percival was expected to recover from his various injuries in the Asylum’s care, but Jekyll recognized a sort of rush of adrenalin when Hyde held the blade to the wolf’s throat. Hyde’s heart pounded with such fear and excitement that it drowned out Jekyll’s fears and judgement, leaving the former to act on pure instinct.

    The same feeling when Hyde had beaten Sir Danvers Carew with Jekyll’s favorite walking stick.

    Hyde had sworn never to kill an innocent again, or else Jekyll would attempt to contain him again. Though, with the introduction of mind control and calculated attacks, the lines between innocent and crimminal had begun to blur in more ways than one. He could hear Hyde try to explain his actions, but Jekyll could not calm himself. He had the strongest feeling the worst was soon to come.

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