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Cloudy with a Chance of Air Kraken

As many of you know, we’re entering the season for air kraken over New Babbage. Due to an unfortunate accident of geography we’re right on their migratory path, so we catch a great many of them on their way to their spawning grounds this time of year.

This can mean a great deal of consternation for air travelers, as the poor buggers are quite hungry by the time they reach our airspace and easily mistake the gasbag of an airship for a tasty cloud mollusc or other example of their natural prey. Oceangoing vessels are not immune, of course, and many a skipper in this time of year has had the harrowing – and quite life-threatening – experience of nine tons of slippery tentacles dropping from the sky onto their deck without warning. Of course, property damage is a danger as well, what with the … droppings.

And as many of you remember, the unusually warm spring we had three years ago seems to have resulted in an unprecedented birthrate increase, so we expect to see a significant rise in the adult population over last year. Advance reports from the north have suggested we may actually witness long-rumored but seldom seen (shudders) acts of mid-air copulation. And meteorologists have warned that Hurricane Adolphe may have affected the jet stream, so we may see them at much lower altitudes this year.

The Aero Corps of the Militia is on high alert, and will attempt to defend our airspace against these undocumented aerial migrants. The factory airships of the Air Kraken Oil Company will also be on round-the clock-shifts (incidentally – they have numerous openings for those with harpoon skills and a tolerance for high altitudes).

So consider this a warning from the Ministry of Meteorological Biology and keep one eye on the sky this season. You may see more than a few looking back.


((OOC: I’ll be testing my autonomous ICS 3 Air Krakens over the Vernian and the Deep in upcoming weeks. Bring your ICS 3 airship or borrow an Aero Militia hovercraft to join in the fun. They look really cool when you blow them up. *grin*))

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin September 26, 2010

    ooh! time ter get out my broom an bucket, them things can be REALLY messy….  but…  errr… if anyone grows roses, it’s better than horse, an i can supply to your door.. or round the back.. in covered containers, of course….

  2. Valice Davi Valice Davi September 28, 2010

    Well that’s going to be an interesting clean up job. *looks up to the sky nervously*

  3. Fono Heninga Fono Heninga October 2, 2010

    *fishes reinforced umbrella out from under the stairs*

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