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The wait is FINALLY over! Be the first to get a copy of the latest Clockhaven Chronicle: “DAY OF THE DRAGONS”!

Our 2nd Edition is brought to you by the very talented, P.S. Chambers.

~Bitter conflict has engulfed the realms from Panama to Pinzón; the distant colonies of the Sklakian Empire are ablaze with the flames of rebellion. Desperate to extinguish the growing wildfire, the Empire has flooded the region with ruthless mercenaries and their menacing machines.

Amidst the chaos, a small drama unfolds on the island of Curacao, where an indentured American engineer, blissfully besieged by the labors of his own genius, will soon find himself caught in a growing web of intrigue, misguided romance, and unbridled violence.

Stanislas Pulaski, an unwitting and unlikely knight beset by Dragons, might soon learn that the only thing more destructive than failure…is success.~

Our newest volume will release this evening, via website, at 8pm SLT!


Copyright © 2011 by Penny Gaff Publishing, LLC

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