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Clockhaven Chronicles now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Penny Gaff Publishing –ADD’L UPDATES!–

Penny Gaff Publishing is proud to announce the release of the Clockhaven Chronicles at Barnes & Noble:

We’re still awaiting its release at the iStore and will keep you updated.

Other Upcoming Events:

– The Clockhaven Chronicles will be releasing its 2nd Edition (Episode 1), “Day of the Dragons” in March, 2012.

– Working at full tilt, Penny Gaff hopes to re-release (in a new and much improved format) our own Babbage rag, the Canal Street Snitch around Summer 2012.

– Within the next year, Penny Gaff will look to release its own clockpunk-steampunk tabletop/sandtable wargame. –If you have a suggestion for a name, enter to win a free copy of the game and set of miniatures, pre-release!–

So please keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Servant of New Babbage,

The Reporter

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