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Clockhaven, April 7th, 188X

**The Metal Raptors entered the AP&E plant and set about their
tasks, black and red activated the logi-scrambler, to by pass the
security, as grey climbed to the roof with the components.  Grey
assembled the main body of the device, bolting it to the roof and tossed
the cables down to Red and Black, as they entered the building and
worked through the night, linking the device to the plant’s generators,
and portal equiptment.

Once it was all linked up, Red signaled Grey, who activated the device,
as it quietly started up, a suden burst of energy erupted from the
needle tip and out into the aether.  Their work done, the Metal Raptors
retreated as the automotons working the plant regained their senses and
went back to their tasks.**


Doctor Dinosaur seemed unusually happy today, he had been gloating about
a ‘Tesla Needle’ and something about somehing called a multiversal
recombination, I’m not sure if that is an actual scientific concept, or
more of the raptor’s deranged ranting and using big words he likes the
sound 0- *rest of the page consists of an ink and bloodstained tear from
a pen being dragged abruptly across it, next page’s writing is more
messy and cramped together*

After firing his biographer and hiring a new one from the Gut, Doctor
Dinosaur is now fully prepaired for his total domo- domi- dommu…..take
over of the city, the machinery on his big ship be powered good.

all hail Doctor Dinosaur Runner!

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon April 7, 2011
    Elsewhere in New-Babbage: Avariel Falcon ran after one of the rogue portals to Antarctica that has inexplicably started wandering through the city. Although not totally unsafe it was best to get all of the portals closed before some wandering urchin fell through one and became a permanent resident of the snowy wilderness…
  2. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner April 8, 2011

    Hah! see? even the portals know better than to oppose me!

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