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Clank raid on Bunny Tower

Kasa paced in the tower as she prepared for the tiny clockworks.  She’d had her fill of these small drones coming at her and trying to capture her, she was going to turn the tide when they came tonight and catch one herself. As the sun started to sink Kasa finishes pushing the last crate in position near the stair well ready to trap one of the Clockworks the second it comes up the stairs, as she hears movement down below and the elevator creaking and straining she quickly gets into hiding behind the crates.  As she hears something come up the stairs she readies herself, and jumps out with the same sack they tried to catch her in.  

She landed on the ground realizing she was in trouble as she had caught… a metal… rabbits foot.  She slowly looks up her mouth drops open, her cigar falling out and rolling down the stairs, “OOHHHH…..” she jumps to her feet and backs up as she sees a second clank come up breaking most the steps in the stairwell.

The large spherical clock work and the Steam Hare both look to her as the steam hare speaks “Greetings… You are Bunny?”  Kasa goes wide eyed as it hits he they might mean her, and in their confusion asked, “the… bunny?”

The large Spherical Clockwork scans her and nods “Scans comfirm.  This is the bunny we are looking for.”  

The Steam Hare shakes its head and looks again to Kasa “You are coming with us little brother.”

Hearing this kasa jumps back almost hitting the wall as she drew her pistol Leon had left for her and snickers “I do not think so. I remember you, your friends where the ones who put me in a coma for a week.”

The Steam Hare looks to her “I do not have memory records of you, but you may wish to reconsider.  Take its gun from it.” The Hare commands and the other clank moved and scanned the gun. “Weapon contains insufficient firepower to cause any substantial damage.” It walked forward towards kasa as she fires a round it bounces off the clockwork causing only a small dent and scratch.  

Kasa glares “I was the one who tried to stop you from blowing up the candy shop.” She says as she drops the pistol and darts towards the stairs to the next level.  The larger Clockwork taking off after her knocking over the crates she was behind and stepping on the pistol as its smashed to pieces as the steam hare speaks up again “I see. I heard about a silly rabbit, Must have been you.”

Kasa darted up the stairs grabbing the weapon she’d made a long plank with a magnet attached to the end.

As the larger clockwork goes after her it steps on the plank the maintenance droid fixed only the day or so before as the board splits and the Larger clank gets caught struggling to get its leg out. The steam hair groans “Oh dear.” Kasa lets off a growl “Stay back or I will use this” she says raising her weapon as down below Lisa who snuck in during the commotion heard more noises above.

The steam hair looks to its cohort “come back down, I have this situation under control” it says starting to raise its arm. Seeing this kasa goes wide eyed as the larger clank gets unstuck and steps aside as the steam hair speaks up “We are in a wooden building…. Wood… Burns.”

Seeing this Kasa bolts at down the stairs and swings the weapon the magnet pulling the arm of the Steam hare from where it was aimed as a jet of flame shoots out barely missing kasa as she felt her backpack catch,

She cried out as the Steam Hare berated them, “Foolish, now your backpack will burn, maybe you.” Kasa manages to fling her bag off her back before it got to her clothes but dropped the weapon she had made in the process

As Kasa was distracted she did not notice the larger clank come up behind her as the steam hare let off another order “We want it alive.” at this the Larger clockwork grabs for kasa from behind as kasa ducks out of the way at the last moment drawing her dagger ready to fight to her death.

Lisa lets off a muffled cry as she heard the explosion she climbs up further peeking over the floor boards, she could see Kasa was wearing out.

The Steam Hare was getting frustrated “Surrender or next time we shall break a leg or an arm.”  At this Lisa cried out “KASA!”

Hearing this caught the Hares attention as it pointed its weapon at her, “Or maybe I burn this building or your friend.”

 Kasa whimpers “LISA RUN” she shouted as the Larger clank started to scan her but the Steam Hare said her life was unimportant.

Kasa rushes to stop the hare from roasting Lisa, attempting to find a gear to jam her dagger in but was knocked back with a solid hit.  She dropped the dagger as she stumbles into the larger clockworks arms as the steam work speaks up “Now surrender or,” he opened a small vent of flame at one of the doors.  

As her home began to burn Kasa lowered her head defeated, “I surrender ” she says and sighs, putting a cigar in her lips knowing her custom cigars had a scent that could be followed till it burnt out.

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