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Christmas at Home

The Maestro sat in the living room he had set up on his ship. The fire in the fireplace was crackling. The stockings were hung by the mantle, and on the spare beds he set up in case any one needed a place to stay out of the cold. He sat reading some of his old journals, thinking about home.

He loved this time of year. It was Christmas. The sight of trees decorated with ornaments, presents placed underneath; the smell of turkey and peppermint and hot cocoa in the air; the sound of music around every street corner all made him feel warm, even in the cold outside. He was glad to have been able to visit his family, especially since he had left years before. He was also grateful to have found so many new friends to celebrate with during this festive time. He decided he must share a christmas gift with his new friends.

If you travel by train you will come to a station in New Babbage. There on the platform you may be lucky enough to see a brightly painted box with a wreath hung for the christmas season. If you are patient, you may get to see something shoot from the box, up towards the sky, where the clouds and smog will part for a brief moment. In this brief moment, the sun will shine its radiant beams down towards the city, where they will reflect off the piles of snow, making New Babbage the brightest spot in all the steamlands.

((Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, whether you are at home or far from it. May the season be full of wonder for you all!))

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